Lookout Mountain is a mountain in the Generation One continuity family.

Lookout Mountain is a mountain overlooking Autobot City on Earth. The mountain previously featured an artificial observation deck. Hot Rod claims you can see everything from Lookout Mountain, within the usual constraints of a round planet. This may (or may not) include such sights as seven states, Rock City, the Famous Ten Acre Cornfield Maze, and the final or temporary resting place of Brawn. At the very least, it is apparently an ideal point from which to watch shuttles approaching Autobot City.


The Transformers: The Movie

In the year 2005, the main mountain road was blocked off (possibly for repair) by a team of Autobots overseen by Kup. Hot Rod crashed through their blockade and drove up the mountain road to the artificial observation point.

After Daniel Witwicky noticed Decepticons aboard an incoming shuttle and Hot Rod fired on it, the Decepticons retaliated, blowing the observation point to smithereens.


  • There are several Lookout Mountains within the continental United States. Which, if any, of these is the "Lookout Mountain" that appeared in the movie is unclear. The pop-up commentary on the DVD states that this Lookout Mountain is in Chattanooga, TN.
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