I looked inside your mom for a special offer.

Look Inside for a Special Offer! was one of a series of miniature pack-in flyers from which various Transformers could be ordered. This particular brochure featured the Omnibots.

  • Release date: 1985


The brochure was extremely tiny, folding down to just over 1" x 2". This small size allowed it to be packed in with smaller toys such as the Mini Vehicles. It featured package art of Overdrive on the cover, and package art of all three Omnibots inside.

Unlike the S.T.A.R.S. promotional flyers, this one made no attempt at storyline; it simply announces "Introducing the OMNIBOTS....One minute they're sports cars zipping through traffic. The next, they're powerful Autobot robots—ready to meet the Decepticon challenge!"

The offer expired June 30, 1986. Overdrive and his buddies could be had for $5.00 and 4 robot points each, plus $1.00 shipping.

Man, those were the days.

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