Longtooth believes in dedication. Whether that dedication consists of guarding underwater installations, patrolling for Decepticon activity or ruthlessly hunting down endangered species because they swallowed something valuable, Longtooth knows that diligence and persistence will inevitably lead to success.

This sometimes drives him insane.

And for the love of God, don't bite off his leg.


Marvel Comics continuity

Note: Events from the UK-only comic stories are in italics.

An unsightly gap in his front teeth.

Millions of years ago on Cybertron, Longtooth was one of the few survivors of a massive Decepticon offensive against the Autobots. Shellshocked, he clung to one of his dying troopmates, begging the Autobot not to die and leave him alone. At that moment, Optimus Prime came out of the smoke and commended Longtooth on his fighting spirit and dedication to his fellow Autobot. He removed a small portion of Matrix-force from his chest and gave it to Longtooth, to heal the fallen robot's injuries. Instead, to his eternal shame, Longtooth pocketed it for himself. Though his wounded companion survived, Longtooth kept the Matrix shard and carried it as a good luck charm into battle from then on. Though still afraid of dying, Longtooth found his guilt a more powerful motivator than fear and daringly charged headfirst into every battle afterwards. When he heard how Optimus Prime lost the Matrix, Longtooth finally gave up his "lucky charm" and sent it in a message buoy back to the Ark and to Prime. Whose Lifeforce is it Anyway?

This setup seems vaguely familiar -- oh, I know! The Little Mermaid!

While hunting for the Creation Matrix, Longtooth worked with Pincher and Doubleheader on Gottlieb, where a strange, whale-like creature called the Klud had turned up alive again, apparently attacking ships. During the investigation, the creature ate Longtooth's leg, which drove him to madness. He then maniacally hunted for the creature, putting a peg in place of his lost leg. As Thunderwing's Decepticons battled the Autobots overhead, hoping to learn the secret behind the Klud's mysterious resurrection, Pincher managed to talk him into letting the creature live. However, Longtooth's sanity and ultimate fate remained in question. Deadly Obsession

Marvel UK future timelines

In the alternate future of 2009, Longtooth was one of the Autobots fleeing a Decepticon-ruled Cybertron to Autobot City Earth. When a saboteur hit the ship, Longtooth was briefly suspected by Kup, but it was later revealed to be a Unicron-possessed Rodimus Prime. Edge of Impact After their ship crashed to Earth, Longtooth was among the Autobots who fought back against Rodimus, but was shot down by the evil energy Rodimus was throwing around. Shadow of Evil

IDW comics continuity

SpotlightArcee Longtooth jail

"Wrapped up, Tapped out, Crapped on, Bled, He's feelin' rather long in the tooth"

Longtooth was incarcerated in the penitentiary complex on Garrus-9, possibly for being batjive INSANE. Spotlight: Arcee


Generation One

  • Longtooth (Small Pretender, 1989)
    • Accessories: Plasma Cannon, Ionic Field Generator, carrier wheels/backpack
G1Longtooth toy

They took my bucket!

Longtooth's inner robot transforms into an amphibious transport vehicle of fictional design, although most of the vehicle mode's mass is composed of a removable "backpack" part. His shell represents a humanoid walrus with an electronic eye. Longtooth's shell is only one which is not a human among normal Autobot Pretenders. The Pretender shell uses the Ionic Field Generator while the inner robot uses the plasma cannon.

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