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Longrack is an Autobot in the Cybertron portion of the Unicron Trilogy.

CYB longrack boxart

The Longrack of the Law

With the ongoing battles between the Autobots and Decepticons and the attacks by the evil Unicron, Cybertron has suffered a lot of damage over the years. It's Longrack's mission to repair this damage. Fixing the planet-wide destruction won't be easy, but Longrack is patient, he'll get it done.

While he prefers building, this doesn't mean he can't put up a fight. He'll take on any Decepticon that tries to interfere with his work and then finish them off with his Crushsteel Punch!


Animated continuity

Cybertron animated series


Why don't you kiss him instead of talking him to death?


Holy crap, there might actually be up to SIX big guys on Gigantion!

Longrack, or possibly someone who just looks like him, appeared on Earth, when Mudflap and Landmine made amends, along with several other refugees. Family

Longrack, or possibly someone who just looks like him, later appeared among a crowd of Gigantion citizens when Metroplex pep-talked his people, preceding the launch of the four colony-world ships, which kicked off the galaxy-spanning Space Bridge project. Beginning


Force of Habit
Dark Heart of Sandokan

I want to tell you about the Transformers!

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  • Longrack vs. Runabout (Versus pack, 2005)
    • Japanese ID number: GS-02
    • Accessories: Cybertron Autobot Cyber Key
GalaxyForce Longrack Vs Runabout

Careful where you put that thing!

Longrack is a retool of Armada Hoist, transforming into a Cybertronic excavator. Plugging a Cyber Planet Key into his right arm unlocks his shovel-arm, which can punch forward by pressing in the plunger mechanism. He came with a silver-bordered Cybertron-Autobot style Cyber Planet Key. He was only available in Japan in a vs-pack with Runabout.
This mold was used to make the Botcon 2006 Darksyde Dinobot. The original version of the mold was also used to make Universe Ransack.
Cyb Longrack toy

Hey kids! Remember that toy that never got released over here?

  • Longrack (Deluxe, 2005)
    • Accessories: Cybertron Autobot Cyber Key
For the Hasbro release of the toy, Longrack was put in an individual package. His Cyber Planet Key has the Cyber Key Code "d48m" tampographed on its back. There appear to be no notable differences between the two releases besides the Key Code.


  • Longrack was designed as an homage to the Beast Wars Neo character Longrack, who also featured a spring-loaded right arm that was basically a gigantic claw. This toy was also used as the basis of Beast Wars Longrack's Cybertronian form in IDW's Beast Wars comics.
  • While the earlier versions of the mold used to make Longrack included a Mini-Con partner, neither release of Longrack had one. The Mini-Con partner mold was released in the Japanese Galaxy Force Micron Booster wave as Clamp.
In the film 'Are we done yet?'. Kevin is seen playing with Longrack's figure.

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