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This article is about the Beast Wars Neo Maximal. For the Cybertron Autobot, see Longrack (Cybertron).

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Longrack is a Maximal in the Beast Wars Neo portion of the Generation One continuity family.

"The rod up that mans butt must have a rod up its butt".

The best way to describe Longrack (ロングラック, ro-n-gu-ra-kku) is that he's the kind of cadet who runs for Student Council President because he believes that the job really matters and should be taken seriously, darn it all. Longrack believes rules exist to be followed. He's talky, annoying, over-serious, and has a stick up his tailpipe as long as his beast mode's neck. The "Brainy Smurf" of Big Convoy's crew, Longrack means well, but that doesn't stop him from being a major tool. In his spare time, he likes to tinker with machines.


Beast Wars Neo[]

Voice actor: Jun Uemoto (Japanese)
Break Longrack

Giraffe Something

Longrack was among the group of new Maximals chosen to serve under Big Convoy as trainees. When Colada began to mouth off about his superiority to the others, Longrack told him to knock it off, getting in his face about the matter. Later, when Break suggested testing their new instructor’s strength, Longrack was at first hesitant, but then conceded that it was necessary to determine if he was competent or not. Thus, when Big Convoy eventually entered the training room, they sprung a surprise attack on the legendary Maximal, but were all quickly disabled by his immense skill. Convoy appreciated the gesture, but insisted that their real training needed to begin, which involved traveling to the planet Gaia to discover the mystery behind Lio Convoy’s disappearance. When they made it into the planet’s orbit, Longrack was informed that he would be in charge of leading the Maximals on the surface, as Convoy himself would be remaining on the ship. As the recruits touched down on the planet, they were confronted by the Predacons Guiledart, Saberback, and Dead End. Longrack then made his first move as acting lieutenant… which was telling every man to act for themselves and try to survive. In the chaos, the team lost Stampy, and attempted to retreat back to the main vessel, only to be fired on by Big Convoy, who told them that none left until Stampy was recovered. Magmatron then arrived, using the hostage Stampy as a guide, and confronted Convoy, seeking revenge for his previous defeat. While the Predacon leader was sermonizing, Longrack then suggested to his teammates that they should all attack him as a group to take back their teammate. As they charged him, they were once more met by the Predacons, but this time, Heinrad froze time, petrifying the Predacons for long enough to recover their rabbit comrade unscathed. Before anything progressed further, Guiledart demanded DNAVI teleport the Predacons to HQ, leaving only the Maximals on Gaia. The group of trainees, including Longrack, then took what they had come for: a black box recording detailing Lio Convoy’s disappearance. Back on their vessel, the Maximals had a new goal: to recover the Angolmois capsules lost in Lio Convoy’s battle with the Predacons, before the latter could use them for evil. Big Convoy, Move Out

Longrack was with Big Convoy and the other Maximal recruits when they saw a volcano floating in orbit of the planet Godbless. While some of the other recruits seemed less than enthused about investigating the phenomena, Longrack asserted that it was important, much to the chagrin of Colada. When they tried to approach Godbless, however, they were disabled by a “God of the Maximals”, who fried their ship’s systems and caused them to crash to the surface. After landing, Longrack was chosen with Colada to survey the Maximals’ surroundings. The entire time, the arrogant snake ‘bot teased Longrack and his tendencies to act like “the class president” of the trainees, but he kept a level head. During their expedition, they learned from a local that the natives were seeing a god of their own, that demanded their natural resources, even though giving them away crippled their society. Longrack reported the information back to Big Convoy, before making his way to the volcano to explore some more. Colada continued to mock him there, but Longrack kept a vigilant eye, spotting the “Maximal God” once more. Colada attempted to attack it, but Longrack held him back, telling him to keep his patience, no matter how frightened. When the “god” was revealed to be nothing more than an apparition, Longrack took a moment to gloat to Colada, even though he, too, was frightened by the affair. The pair then spotted a strange flower, which attempted to attack them, and revealed itself as the Predacon Saberback. Saberback had a capsule of Angolmois behind him, which he had been using to create illusions to stall the Maximals and bend the locals to his will, and Longrack demanded that he return it. Saberback, in response, tried to run away, and called upon his teammates to help him. Guiledart, Dead End, and Sling responded, and attacked Longrack and Colada, keeping them from the Angolmois. The Maximal pair then had reinforcements of their own arrive, causing an all out brawl that resulted in a Maximal victory and their subsequent possession of the Angolmois. Before they departed from the planet, Big Convoy spoke to the locals, and during his speech, Longrack had to stop Colada from taking some of their oil. Colada retorted that Longrack was always looking down on people, and in response Longrack looked down on the snake... physically, from his giraffe mode. The Maximals then left Godbless, jetting off to find more Angolmois. Chase the Mysterious Capsule

Longrack was among the Maximal recruits who ended up traveling to the supposedly warm, paradise-like planet of Solid, to recover an Angolmois capsule. He was shocked, along with the others, to learn that the planet was actually frigid and frozen over. As he prepared to assemble a ground team to explore the surface, Big Convoy stopped him and insisted that the entire team should participate for better training. It became immediately apparent that this plan wouldn’t work, however, and thus Longrack remained behind with Big Convoy and the others while Break searched Solid for the capsule. Later, Longrack and the other Maximals were assaulted by Sling and Saberback, and were buried underneath mounds of snow. Colada was able to thaw them out and create a path, but the team was rapidly being chipped away at by the weather. To this end, Big Convoy suggested a more efficient means of transport: using a slab of ice to slide across the planet and meet with Break. Longrack used his claw to break off a piece of ice from a nearby mountain, and the group was able to rendezvous with Break, and secure the capsule after defeating Dead End. Longrack reprimanded Break for his erratic behavior on the mission back on the Gung Ho, but Vector Sigma came to the penguin 'bot's defense. Burning Heart Below Freezing

Longrack was among the Maximal recruits when they touched down on Maderan to find the Angolmois capsule located on the planet. He was a part of the survey team consisting of Break and Stampy. When the group thought that they had found the capsule, Stampy was hesitant, feeling that it was suspicious, but Longrack asserted that they would look foolish to Big Convoy if they looked over it. Stampy was proven right, however, when Longrack and Break were shocked by an electrical trap after touching the capsule, which was rigged by Guiledart and Sling. The two Predacons tortured the Maximals, but Stampy was able to free them, for a time. They were recaptured swiftly after Magmatron arrived on the scene, but after Stampy alerted Big Convoy via signal flare of the trouble on Maderan, they were freed once more by the Maximal leader. Longrack took time to apologize to Stampy along with the other recruits for poking fun at his cowardice, when in reality he had been the bravest of them all during their mission. Hang in There, Stampy

When the Maximals were in the orbit of the planet Donovan, Break and Colada began to bicker between one another, to the chagrin of Longrack and the others. In an effort to curb the arguing, Big Convoy decided that the two would be sent to Donovan to scout it and retrieve the Angolmois there together. When Break began to talk back, Longrack told him to quit it and listen to orders. Later, when Break called Big Convoy for assistance, Longrack, Stampy, and Heinrad went to search for the capsule themselves, while Convoy attended to the two directly. They eventually found the Angolmois, but also found Saberback and Guiledart. During their brawl, the canyon they were fighting on began to collapse, resulting in the Angolmois flying away and the Maximals sinking into sand. Eventually Longrack and the others regrouped with Big Convoy, who had secured the capsule, and they listened to Vector Sigma speak through him on the values of teamwork. Mirage of the Sand

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Beast Wars Neo manga[]

Longrack beast

A pipe and a smoking jacket, and this picture would be complete.

Longrack came from a distinguished and proud family of giraffe Convoys. A Battle Fought Alone

IDW Beast Wars comics[]


Oh good, a hall monitor with a big fist.

Longrack was part of Lio Convoy's elite special operations unit, the Pack. He traveled with them to prehistoric Earth to rescue Razorbeast and company. On the way there, Stampy's "bounding" exuberance, quite predictably, got on Longrack's nerves. Once their team landed in the middle of a battle with the Predacons, he used his long giraffe neck to take a bite out of Buzz Saw. The Ascending #2


Always Ahead of Others

Beast Wars: Uprising[]

Longrack was the stick-up-the-aft Maximal first officer of the Dinosaur, in charge of a Predacon enlisted crew. Although nominally in command for day-to-day duties and assignment (since their Builder captain was too large to sit on the bridge), Longrack was frequently overshadowed or overruled by the captain's holographic presence or the Micromaster political officer, Synapse. This made the already uptight first officer short-tempered and impotent in his command.

One day, the Dinosaur picked up an apparent distress call from prisoners of the lost ship Claustrum on the planet LGC-8803. Longrack eagerly prepared to lead a landing party, only to be passive-aggressively overridden by Synapse, claiming to represent the captain. Longrack was forced to name his fellow Maximal officer Apelinq in charge of the party instead. The Dinosaur came under fire from an Intruder ship while the shuttle was launching planetside, taking serious damage before blasting their attacker.

As Longrack tried to maintain control of his ship, internal strife wracked his crew. A transmission from Cybertron alerted the protoformers on board to an Uprising back home, and Synapse was desperate to keep them from following suit. He killed Hydra and Killer Punch in an attempt to prevent word from spreading, but failed. Chief Engineer Magmatron made it to the bridge and recruited Longrack and Guiledart in a mutiny to take the ship. Longrack was again left behind to hold the bridge while the Predacons sought to sever the captain's control of the ship, souring him to the situation. He briefly realigned himself with Synapse and the Builders, but the Micromaster's complete disregard for the lives of the crew snapped him back to his senses, and Longrack helped disable Synapse.

The damage to the Dinosaur was too severe to fix, and the starship began to crash onto LGC-8803 below. Fortunately, Captain Full-Tilt was not on board with Synapse's murderous ways, and he aided Magmatron in saving the ship. It did crash, but transformed as it do so, arresting momentum and opening up into Dinosaur City, becoming a new colony. Magmatron and several members of the crew chose to take the shuttle and return to fight in the Grand Uprising, while Longrack remained behind and proclaimed himself mayor of the new city. Intersectionality

A decade after the Uprising ended, Governor Longrack oversaw the developing colony as it became a boom town for immigrants, scientists, and philosophers eager to visit the lost works of the Logicons on Metascan Omega. He received two rather disconcerting interruptions. First, Wraiths of the Vok arrived to declare mortals unworthy of the knowledge of Metascan Omega. They challenged Longrack and his colonists to prove their worth, or face sterilization. Second was the arrival of Lio Convoy, Architect of the Grand Uprising... The Inexorable March

Legends World[]

In the Legends World, Longrack was an earnest high school student and the class president. When he heard they were getting a new teacher, he hoped it would be a person of discipline, Year 3, Class B Big-sensei but was instead met with the nerdy Big Convoy who began teaching them about Transformers instead of regular subjects. Longrack took this in stride and merely asked him if there would be tests on the subject. First Lesson First During sports day, Longrack attempted ice skating and got crushed under Big's weight during the cavalry battle. Hot-blooded Break Over time, Big's enthusiasm for Transformers infected Longrack's love for studying and he began learning about Transformers to the point of neglecting other subjects. This caused Big to realize he was being a bad influence on his students and start teaching normally. Preparatory Reviewer Longrack One day, Longrack found Big asleep during class. Bonus Edition Vol. 59

2005 IDW continuity[]


Longrack was a fellow Eukarian friend of Tasmania Kid, Gimlet, and Bump. Time Will Rust


BWN-toy Longrack

A Robot a Giraffe and emmm Something

Beast Wars Neo[]

  • Longrack (Mega, 1999)
    • Japanese ID number: C-29
    • Accessories: Knife, 2 missiles
Longrack transforms into a giraffe. His beast-mode head has an extending tongue action. No, really, it has an extending tongue action. So he leaves from high trees. Look, we didn't design the damn thing, all right?
Anyway, his robot mode is laden with gimmicks. His beast-mode forelegs each hide a spring-loaded missile launcher. His giraffe neck becomes his right arm, which has a spring-loaded extending claw. His left arm's gauntlet has a flip-out knife, which is removable, but due to the plastic tolerances is tricky to remove and replace. He also has a third "weapon" mode that is best not talked about at all.
  • BWN-toy VS-29-box

    Giraffe and a Dino

    Longrack vs Guiledart (Vs pack, 1999)
    • Japanese ID number: VS-29
Longrack was available both separately and in a vs-pack with Guiledart.


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