This article is about the Beast Machines Maximal bull. For the Universe Autobot ibex, see Longhorn (Universe).

Longhorn is a Maximal from the Beast Machines portion of the Generation One continuity family.

Highly intelligent, tenacious, and powerful, Longhorn is a "warrior philosopher" among Maximals. With a talent for strategy and the skills of a frontline fighter, he finds war a trying thing but is quite impressive at it. He's well-liked by his fellows, and though he tends to be circumspect and serious by nature he clearly takes great joy in battle, yelling out "When I see Vehicons, I see red...and when I see red, things get ugly!" as he charges into the fight.

Longhorn's greatest ability is being a technorganic "thunderstorm" in robot form. The stamping of his hoofs cause paralyzing thunderclaps and his massive horns release devastating concentrated lightning bolts.

Longhorn is also a vegetarian and dislikes embedded media.


Wreckers comics

Less than 3 deca-cycles after the reformatting of Cybertron, Skydive ran recon for Snarl and Longhorn, and brought them news of the new Quintesson invasion of Cybertron.

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Beast Machines

  • Longhorn (Basic, 2000)
Longhorn transforms into a technorganic bull, complete with nose-ring. Pressing down on his "mane" in beast mode raises up his head as a "ramming" attack. His beast-mode front hooves are sculpted as permanently-attached melee weapons in his robot-mode hands.

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