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Longarm is an Autobot and a mass-produced drone-unit in the Movie continuity family.

Stop draggin' my car around!

Longarm is a chummy, nice, all around guy. "It never hurts to help" is his creed, and he enjoys working on protecting, repairing, and saving. After all, that's why he's an Autobot. He's almost too nice... he just can't figure out Decepticons at all. To be that angry, mean, treacherous, destructive, or emo, it all just seems like a huge waste of energy and time. But so long as he can protect his friends, and make them smile, then he can smile right back... However, that's how the Autobot Longarms are like. Decepticon Longarms hate everyone they see, and want their swinging arms to slice through every Autobot he sees. You could say they're like Decepticon Royal Guards because of their melee attacks.

There's also units of drones that convert into tow-trucks of the same name. Both the Autobot and Decepticon armies make use of these drones, which are solid, dependable fighters, and can be particularly dangerous.


Titan Magazines

In an alternate reality where the Decepticons conquered Earth, Longarm was part of the Autobot reinforcements. He understandably thought they were a wee bit doomed, unsure of how they were expected to defeat the vast Decepticon legions. Transformers Comic issue 9 Nevertheless, he joined the others in landing on Earth, but in the battle at Savannah, Georgia, he was gunned down by the drone hordes. Transformers Comic issue 12 His unmoving body had to be removed from the Decepticon facility by Ironhide. Transformers Comic issue 13

Once repaired, he joined the other Autobots in constant defensive actions against the Decepticons, including protecting San Diego alongside Ironhide. Transformers Comic issue 16

IDW Dark of the Moon comics

Before events of Dark of the moon, Longarm & Salvage were sent to China to protect construction workers from Decepticons. They were ambushed by Shockwave and killed in action


Battle For the Allspark online game

Longarm head

Longarm units can be either Autobot (top) or Decepticon (bottom)

Longarm units have good Attack & Defense capabilities, but little on speed. The two sides' drones are differentiated by little more than the make of their noggins; Autobot versions use a facemask-with-optics model, while Decepticons have a lens-head version.

Transformers: The Game (console)

Longarms are particularly dangerous foes that appear many times against both Autobot and Decepticon. They are capable of swinging the tow-arms on their backs in a wide circle, extending their wrecker-hooks, which results in a devastating slam attack that can send even the larger Transformers sprawling. Since they are also shielded against most artillery in robot mode, this attack can only be interrupted by hurling something at them.

Aside from the previously mentioned facial differences, Autobot Longarms are white with blue detailing while Decepticon versions are white with yellow detailing.

Rise of the Dark Spark (DS)

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Transformers (2007)


Longarms delux toy

  • Longarm (Deluxe, 2007)
    • Japanese ID number: MA-15
    • Accessories: Missile
Longarm transforms into a Ford F-350 tow truck, capable of towing another toy thanks to his hook-arm. This arm becomes a hand-held "quagma cannon" spring-loaded missile launcher in robot mode that is affixed to his right hand via a screw. The missile launcher can also be used in vehicle mode, as a notch is cut out of the front bumper, presumably for making surprise attacks (since other drone characters have similar weapons). There is a single, nigh-insignificant automorph feature; the emergency lights on top of the gun/tow rig are geared to fold simultaneously. This makes Blackout's knees almost look interesting.
Unlike all of the other "drone" toys in the line, Longarm's robot mode is totally different from the CG design developed for the game; even his head resembles neither the Autobot or Decepticon drone heads. And by "totally different," we mean "has Generation One Hoist's head." Were future redeco possibilities in mind?
The gun is not meant to be removable, but is easily unscrewed. The loose gun won't fit on the right hand without the screw, but will peg into the left hand via the connection used to hold the gun/crane steady in vehicle mode. The figure is still capable of full transformation and the loose crane fits tightly in vehicle mode. It is however difficult to transform him while keeping the loose gun attached to his left hand.
Longarm features a minor mis-assembly problem, in that the strut between the crane section and the hook itself is reversed. It is easily fixed by popping off the hook and turning it around, then unscrewing the crane part and flipping the strut. This allows the gun to fit together much better, as depicted on the packaging.
  • Towed to Safety (Multi-pack, UK 2007)
    • Accessories: Missile
Movie TowedtoSafety toys

Double box set

This set, available in the UK in 2007, features an unaltered Deluxe class Longarm figure and a Deluxe class 1976 Camaro Bumblebee figure. The window box features a diorama background of the battle in Mission City that was also used in the Bumblebee Vs. Barricade pack.
Movie ScreenBattles FinalStand1

Final stand

  • Final Stand (Screen Battles, 2007)
    • Japanese ID number: SB-02
    • Accessories: Missile
This Screen Battles pack comes with a Longarm figure redecoed in the same paint job as the tow truck Mikaela Banes uses to tow Bumblebee to safety. The "Orson's Towing" markings have been replaced by the "Mike's Towing" markings seen on the actual truck used in the movie. Longarm's interior features a non-removable figurine of Mikaela where the driver's seat would be, plugged into one of the screw holes in the dashboard piece. The pack comes with a battle-damaged posable Bumblebee figure similar to the Robot Replicas toy.
This set comes in a special window box featuring a diorama background of the battle in Mission City.

Revenge of the Fallen

  • Autobot Strike Mission (Deluxe class figure multipack, 2009)
    • Accessories: Missile
Sold as a Sam's Club-exclusive, Longarm was packed with Revenge of the Fallen Breakaway, Rampage and a battle damaged Sideways.


Template:Screenshot* Longarm (3D Battle Card, 2007)

In the Transformers 3D Battle Card Game, the Longarm is on the Autobot side, but features the Decepticon-style head. Pieces punched out from two different cards can be assembled to form a tow-truck or a robot, while a third double-sided card gives its stats and attacks for each mode. He uses the same piece layout as Bonecrusher, just turned around in vehicle mode so the extension is in the back.


Longarm movie similar

Longarms vehicle mode in the movie.

  • Longarm's vehicle mode is modeled after the tow truck Mikaela Banes uses in the movie to carry the damaged Bumblebee into battle. While the markings and paint job are similar, the truck in the film is of GMC make while the toy is modeled on a Ford F-350.
  • While the movie tow truck has "Mike's Towing" on the doors, the game model and carded release of the Deluxe-class toy have "Orson's Towing" instead, a reference to Transformers design director Aaron Archer's old screen name "ORSON" on the boards. The Screen Battles multi-pack version retains the "Mike's Towing" markings, however.
  • The only exception to Longarm's ability to send a Transformer flying far backwards when hit by his tow is Starscream, who is just knocked backwards: something even Blackout, who is even larger than him, or Megatron is incapable of doing.
  • Longarm can have face, and be Autobot, or have a one-eyed head and be decepticon. Hmmm.

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