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Longarm is a Mini-Con from the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.

He fights crime... in a future time!

Longarm is a wiz at analyzing and diagnosing technical problems, which his frequent Autobot partner Red Alert can then fix.

After the Unicron battles, Longarm teamed up with the Autobot Prowl.

Japanese name: Hook


Animated continuityEdit

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Transformers Playstation 2 GameEdit

He is Red Alert's Mini-Con partner. You can run him over!

Panini comic continuityEdit



  • Red Alert w/ Longarm (Max-Con, 2002/2003)
Japanese ID number: MC-02
Packaged with the larger Autobot Red Alert, Longarm transforms into a hook-crane truck of undetermined model. His crane is on a swivel-joint, though it's not very useful in robot mode.
  • Powerlinx Red Alert w/ Powerlinx Longarm (Max-Con, 2003)
Japanese ID number: MC-12
For his Powerlinx upgrade, Longarm retained his mainly black coloration in altmode, but the blue and tan were changed to gray and orange.
  • Red Alert w/ Longarm (Built to Rule, 2003)
  • Battle for the Matrix (Multi-pack, 2003)
Longarm was inexplicably included in the K-Mart exclusive "Battle for the Matrix" multi-pack, without his larger gang-molded partner Red Alert. The set was released on "Black Friday" (the day after Thanksgiving, the single busiest and hellish shopping day of the year) and also included Optimus Prime with Sparkplug, Jetfire with Comettor, and the Adventure Mini-Con Team.


  • Prowl w/ Longarm & Starscream w/ Zapmaster (Multi-pack, 2004)

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