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The name or term Long Haul refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Long Haul (disambiguation).

Long Haul is grumpy and always hates to carry his allies' stuff like a pack mule. He always grumbles how he should be fighting rather than carrying all the junk. He is (against his own will) part of the Constructicon team. Sometimes he likes to abandon the cargo he carries and says he "lost" it.


Revenge of the Fallen film


Under the sea.. under the sea...need some create a zombie... under the sea!

At one point, he, Skipjack, Mixmaster, Scrapmetal, Ravage, and the Doctor were hiding aboard a boat waiting to arrive at the location where Megatron's corpse was located. Once there, they transformed and went to the bottom of the ocean to fins his body. After killing Scrapmetal in order to repair Megatron, they then succeeded in reactivating their fallen leader.

During the climatic battle in Egypt, Long Haul transfromed and joined the other Constructions to form Devastator. He formed the left leg of the enormous decepticon. Meanwhile, in another part of the battlefield, a Long Haul-type Decepticon fought alongside his fellow teamates against NEST and the Autobots — letting off a couple of rockets and fires a burst from a heavy machine gun. After he and Megatron shot down two incoming blackhawks, his head separated from his body by N.E.S.T's air strike, and his tires were blasted from his shoulder — killing him off. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Dark of the Moon film

Another Long Haul a took part in the battle of Chicago. When Optimus Prime arrived and went on a killing rampages, one of the decepticons he killed was the Long Haul. The Long Haul shot at Optimus , but was killed shortly when Prime shot him with his gun. Dark of the Moon


Revenge of the Fallen video game

Voice Actor: Neil Kaplan
  • His primary weapons are charge grenades. His secondary weapon is a flamethrower. His vehicle mode weapon are twin grenade launchers. His vehicle mode is a green or yellow dump truck. His special ability heals him and any allies in the immediate area.
Note: There is a yellow version of him as an unlockable character only on the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC versions. Long Haul (Yellow) is also an enemy drone in the Autobot campaign, and is the toughest drone to defeat.

Autobot Campaign


Long Haul is with a group of Decepticons sent to Shanghai. He is attacked and killed by Ironhide. Weirdly enough, he is later as a part of Devastator. Resurrection maybe.


  • Long Haul (Legends, 2009)
Long Haul, transforms into a dump truck. He forms one of Devastator's legs. In Japan he is a seperate release from the other Constructicons. In America, he has been packed in a giftset with the others.
  • Devastation Blast Long Haul (Fast Action Battlers, 2009)
  • Long Haul (Voyager, 2009)

Are we done here? Ive gotta take a dump!

The on-package introduction note calls his flip-out weapons swords, but their shape is more akin to axes. Also, unlike his Generation One counterpart, his truck bed actually functions in vehicle mode like the real thing. His humanoid mode is fairly movie-accurate, tough he is lacking some serious bulk.
  • Constructicon Devastator (2009)
Long Haul sadly does NOT turn into robot mode, only the vehicle and "leg" mode.
  • Long haul (Legends, 2010)



Hey, Long Haul! In the words of Donald Trump: "You're hired!"

  • Long Haul is based on piece of post-2007 movie fan art by professional artist Josh Nizzi[1] which in turn caught the attention of Michael Bay and the company who hired him very shortly thereafter. It looks like the design was used with hardly any change in the base design. Bay must have really liked it.
  • According to an early render of Devastator and his "components", Long Haul was given the production nickname of "Big Green".
  • Some fans believe that his head survived fromk the battle in Egypt and is now known as Igor, a decepticon head in Dark Of The Moon.

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