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London is the capital city of the United Kingdom, located in the south of England and home to around eight million people (and also a big clock). Unlike some other major cities on Earth, London has managed to avoid too much major Transformer activity.

Except for that one time the Decepticons blew up slagging everything in 1994.

Marvel Comics

Generation 1

Megatron (or a clone thereof) was teleported underneath London, and roamed about ancient Roman sewers until he was encountered by Susan Hoffman & her team. Both the Action Force military unit and the Autobots turned up to investigate, and the two teams had to work together to stop Megatron as he tore through the London Docklands. Eventually Centurion gave his life to stop the Decepticon, but not before widespread destruction to the area had been caused. Ancient Relics!

Richard Branson would later salvage Megatron and Centurion's bodies from the River Thames as a publicity state - making it easier for the Seacons to capture them. Salvage!

Generation 2 (Fleetway)

Bludgeon and his Decepticon army attacked London en masse to attract Optimus Prime - both two Autobot units and an upgraded Megatron were drawn into the fray. The devastation caused to London was immense; the death toll and long-term effects are unknown. At one point, the Skyscorchers were seen bombing Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament. War Without End (UK) War Zone

Generation 1 Japanese animated continuity

The Headmasters

Sixshot arrived in London in wolf form, threatening to destroy the country unless it gave him all its energy. Britain was one of several countries he was blackmailing until the the Trainbots stopped him. Terror! The Six Shadows


Grimlock Natural History Museum
  • In The Headmasters, London was shown as a fog-swept land where people rode horses. Sod off.
  • London's Natural History Museum contains several of the original Dinobot toys, as part of the popular culture section of its dinosaurs exhibition.

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