Lokos is a Headmaster Nebulan from the Generation One continuity family.

Who you tryin' to get crazy with, ese? Don't you know I'm Lokos?!

Lokos is a veteran smuggler and air pirate by trade. He loves the power being a Headmaster gives him access to and uses it for his own enrichment. His partner Squeezeplay is fine with that as long as it means he gets to smash stuff. Lokos prefers doing things the sneaky way, but on the other hand, there is something quite enjoyable about holding the reins while such a monster machine goes to town.

Despite holding the awesome job of "air pirate" he styles his hair very much in the fashion of Ronald McDonald.

He transforms into the head of Squeezeplay.


Marvel Comics continuity


(Right) Clearly the X-Men villain Arcade has wandered into the wrong room.

Lokos was a member of the Z Foundation, a front company for the Decepticons on Earth. He went under the alias "Mr. L." Impenetrable, I swear.

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Generation One

  • Squeezeplay (Headmaster, 1988)
G1Squeezeplay toy
Lokos is the Headmaster unit of Squeezeplay. Inserting him (or any other Headmaster unit) into Squeezeplay's neck will activate a spring-loaded mini-Tech-Spec-meter which gives readouts for Speed, Strength and Intelligence. Lokos has Squeezeplay's face plainly visible on his back again because he didn't get the flip-down panel of the 1987 Headmasters... or a bucket seat to sit in like the Autobots from 1988.

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