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Lockdown is a Decepticon bounty hunter. He does what ever it takes to secure his prey. Dead or alive.


IDW Generation One Continuity

The Transformers: Drift

Lockdown is sent by Megatron to capture the traitor Deadlock who has sided himself with the Circle of Light. Lockdown teams up with an alien race also interested in the deception traitor. But he fails, and his prey escapes. The Transformers:Drift

More than Meets the Eye

I want to tell you about the Transformers!

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  • His IDW appearance appears to be heavily based on the Revenge of the Fallen deluxe class figure. More so in the case of The Transformers:Drift". It is slightly different in More than Meets the Eye, however. Alex Milne, artist for Lockdowns IDW appearances, had come up with his own original design for the Bounty Hunter. it was Hasbro that had him use the Revenge of the Fallen Lockdown's design instead.
  • Editor Denton J. Tipton suggested to writer Shane McCarthy about bringing Lockdown into the Generation 1 universe.
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