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Fearsome and renowned throughout the cosmos, Lockdown (ロックダウン Rokkudaun) leads an army of self-duplicating Insecticons, which he boasts can raze cities to rubble with their sheer numbers. He is also known on many planets as an arms dealer, trafficking weapons and technology through the black markets, with nobody the wiser to their origin or former owners. It is in this enterprise that he has many business partners, chief among them Knock Out.

Truly, in whatever form his ambition takes, Lockdown will prove to be a formidable foe for the Autobots.



Return! The Most Evil Duo

Lockdown worked with Runabout, Runamuck and his Insecticons to capture Ultra Magnus, who he planned to disassemble for parts. When the other Decepticons were distracted by an Autobot rescue team, Magnus broke out of his bonds and confronted his captor, though the arrival of the other Autobots interrupted their potential duel. Lockdown battled the team but blasted by Dogfight's weapon mode and defeated.



  • Lockdown (2015-05-30)
    • ID number: TAV15
    • Accessories: Hook attachment, engine block/EMP generator


Adventure Lockdown is a redeco of Animated Lockdown, transforming into an amalgam of a 1980s Corvette and a 1960s Cougar, with lots of spikes and a cow-catcher on his bumper. In car mode, pressing down on his engine block/EMP generator flips out twin cannon barrels. A hook can also be flipped from the center of his bumper.
In robot mode, the entire engine block/center hood assembly pops off to form a "replacement" hook-hand gauntlet that can be used on either arm. The engine block can be removed and attached to Animated deluxe Ratchet's left arm via the "war wound" socket.
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