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"Lobbing" is a Cybertronian sport and a popular pass time among the warrior class. Bulkhead and Wheeljack seem to enjoy this game. The game is played similarly to the human game of catch, albeit with a large, heavy ball of metal.


Transformers: Prime

"Con Job"

In order to keep up his cover Makeshift, disguised as Wheeljack, played this game with Bulkhead at Autobot Central Command.

Transformers: Robots in Disguise

"Sideswipe Versus Thunderhoof"

"Gridlock Grimlock" was a "lob-ball" legend, named Most Valuable Bot four times in a row.  

"Bumblebee Versus Scuzzard"

Grimlock and Sideswipe attempted a game using Fixit as the ball, but later switched to using a wrecking ball as an acceptable substitute. 

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