Llyra is a Nebulan in the Generation One continuity family.

Llyra's father lets her dress like this.

Llyra is the beautiful and half-dressed daughter of Nebulan politician Lord Zarak. Her hatred of war is dismissed by Lord Zarak as youthful idealism, which is why she dislikes her war-hungry father and has fallen in love with the seemingly peace-loving Galen, to whom she is betrothed.


Marvel Comics continuity


After a group of Autobots led by Fortress Maximus arrived on Nebulos looking for peace, the citizens of Nebulos rioted, turning their paranoia against the strange visitors, demanding war. Llyra, who did not wish to see Nebulos' millennia of peacetime come to an end, was a worried spectator.

Her worry turned to horror when Galen leapt into the crowd to break up a fight and was beaten to the ground. After Galen left, her father suggested she put too much trust in Galen's strength of character, noting that he was but a man who could fall prey to weakness like any other. Llyra dismissed this out of hand.

However, Zarak's judgment of Galen appeared to be correct when Galen announced that he and several others would binary bond with the Autobots to become their Headmasters. Though Galen insisted he was only joining forces to protect Nebulos from the Decepticons, Llyra decided Galen was no longer the man she thought she loved and broke off their relationship. Broken Glass!


For God's sake, zip up!

Later, she brought a message to Galen and his new Autobot comrades -- the Decepticons have captured Zarak and many others! However, it was a trap, and she soon discovered that her father had also binary bonded, but with his alleged captor, Scorponok. Mindwipe hypnotized her, and she ordered the bystanding politicians into the safety of a nearby building, where they fell prey to one of the Decepticons' experiments. She and the rest were concealed inside polymer alloy bubbles and began floating helplessly into the atmosphere. Though Zarak wished to save his daughter, Scorponok's influence was too strong, and it was up to the Autobots to rescue her before she floated off into space. The Decepticons took advantage of this distraction, and the Autobots were defeated. Thankfully for Lord Zarak, the hypnotism blocked most of the event from his daughter's memory, and she believed that he had saved her from her power-hungry ex-fiance. Love and Steel!

Lord Zarak soon began to realize the monster he was becoming, and so he orchestrated a series of events, which included the release of Galen and the Autobots, which would necessitate the evacuation of both Autobot and Decepticon from the planet. Llyra met with Galen one final time, begging to know the truth: Galen lied to her, claiming he was heading off-planet for conquest. Knowing that she now hated him completely, he could leave Nebulos and take the war far away from it, keeping her safe.

The Transformers' war removed from her homeworld, Llyra was left alone, betrayed and abandoned by both her father and her lover. Sucks to be her. Brothers in Armor!!


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