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The Autobots plan to defeat Overlord with a new weapon.

Japanese title: "生か死か!決死の超神合体"


Overlord and Black Zarak raid a city during the time Autobot went to the Space Autobot Headquarter. The Autobots rush back to Earth in order to stop the Decepticons. In order to defeat Overlord, Ginrai decides to use VX Bomb, the new weapon just received from the headquarter.

Upon arriving on Earth, the Autobots start to fight the Decepticons. Lightfoot, Ranger, Road King and Clouder work together to fight Black Zarak. While Overlord is grabbed by Godbomber piloted by the Autobot Headmaster Juniors and beaten by Ginrai. Overlord separates into Mega Jet and Giga Tank, but they are still grabbed by Godbomber and Ginrai respectively. They are going to combine to form Overlord again to defeat Ginrai and Godbomber. However, it's the moment that Ginrai and Godbomber are waiting for. When Mega Jet and Giga Tank are combining, Ginrai detonates the VX Bomb and combines with Godbomber into God Ginrai. They successfully stop the combination of Mega Jet and Giga Tank. The Autobots win once again.


Featured characters

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  • The size and the appearance of the VX Bomb differs from page 4 and page 8.

Items of note

  • Grand never appears in the episode. Only his battleship shows up.
  • The name of Grand's battleship is identified as New Battleship Maximus in this issue.
  • Three unidentified characters in the bridge of New Battleship Maximus are human-sized.
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