This article is about the young girl with the My Little Pony almost as big as she is. For the other young girl with the stuffed unicorn almost as big as she is, see Professor Princess.

The little girl is a human in the Movie continuity family.
Movie littlegirl

"The man kid's an extortionist."

The little girl has just lost a tooth. Will she ever see the tooth fairy?


Transformers (2007)

Actor: Sophie Bobal

The little girl was awoken by the impact of something into her house's pool. Filled with hope, she took her pink stuffed horse and her tooth, kept in a small bag, from under her pillow. Once outside, she witnessed a metal giant arising from her pool, who marched off without so much as a word. Unfazed, she asked the giant if he was the tooth fairy.

Her parents, wondering why she wandered outside, followed. They weren't keen on the state of their pool. Transformers


  • "Little girl" is the moniker given to this character in the credits of the movie.
  • According to the movie novelization, she is five years old.
  • The novelization also says she tried to extort twenty dollars out of Ironhide. She's getting more adorable by the minute.
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