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This is a list of minor characters in the ''[[Generation One]]'' [[IDW continuity]].
== [[Autobot]]s ==
Bumper and Fastback were Autobots serving under [[Sentinel Prime]] just prior to the [[Great War]]. They were staking out a location for the illegal [[gladiatorial combat]] which allowed [[Megatron (G1)|Megatron]] to rise to power. They were discovered by [[Soundwave (G1)|Soundwave]] and soon killed by Megatron. They received a well-attended funeral for their sacrifice. {{storylink|Megatron Origin}}
''See entry for [[#Bumper|Bumper]].''
== [[Decepticon]]s ==
== [[Human]]s ==
===Abraham Dante===
{{main|Abraham Dante}}
===Agent Red===
===Alexander Holt===
===Georgi Koska===
{{main|Georgi Koska}}
===Joshua Red===
===Stoker (aka Finklerock)===
===Doctor Weston===
== Others ==
===Unnamed alien===
A mechanoid survivor of a spaceship that crashed on the same planet where Kup was stranded. Kup ignored his pleas for assistance and decapitated him with a club. {{storylink|Spotlight: Kup}}
Ku'arn is the captain of the ''Yar Star Trawler'', an Ilxian long-haul freighter. He found [[Blaster (G1)|Blaster]] floating helplessly in space and returned him to the [[Autobot Orbital Command Hub]]. {{storylink|Spotlight: Blaster}}
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