Over the years, Transformers has found itself in several fast food promotions, mainly McDonald's.

1985 St. Louis The Transformers McDonald's promotion

In 1985, McDonald's gave away non-transforming figurines of four Mini Vehicle characters, with at least six different color variations for each character. The figures were made of two different colors of plastic, and were non-poseable. These figures were only available in St. Louis as a test run[1]. The line included:

Dairy Queen Generation 2 promotion

Dairy queen op
There was also this clock magnet from 1985 Dairy queen in Snohomish Washington franchise.

In conjunction with Generation 2, Dairy Queen gave away a non-transforming Optimus Prime figure with its "Kids' Pick-Nick Meals".

Dariy queen

1985 Dairy queen promo clock magnet transformer

1996 North American Beast Wars McDonald's promotion

In 1996 for Beast Wars, McDonald's released four transforming toys, with names very, very accurate to their beast modes. Another toy was sold to the under-3 crowd, as clearly indicated by his name.

North American Beast Wars Rally's and Checkers promotion



They gave away a not-good Rhinox toy.

1998 North American Beast Wars Transmetals McDonald's promotion

In 1998, to coincide with the Transmetals subline and the second season of Beast Wars, McDonald's Happy Meals featured three characters from the show who did not get Transmetal toys in the retail line.

1999 North American Animorphs Taco Bell promotion

2000 North American Beast Machines McDonald's promotion

For Beast Machines, McDonald's put nine different toys into their Happy Meals, representing the characters from the first season.

2002 North American Armada McDonald's promotion

With Armada out in 2002, McDonald's released eight toys to represent select characters from the cartoon. The Decepticon toys could combine into a mega vehicle, while the Autobots could combine into a tall... "totem-pole" robot form. The toys could act as Mini-Cons to larger, retail-sale toys, and are also capable of having Mini-Con toys attached to them.

Japanese Armada McDonald's promotion

Their Hot Shot's different.

European Energon McDonald's promotion

Mexican Energon McDonald's promotion

2005 Cybertron Burger King promotion

Optimusprime cybertron burgerking

For Cybertron, Burger King churned out four toys.

2005 Cybertron Jollibee promotion

In 2005, the Filipino fast-food chain Jollibee released a set of Cybertron toys that included detachable display bases for their robot modes.

2007 Transformers Burger King promotion

In 2007, Burger King produce a wave of Nontransforming Transformers

2007 Transformers the Movie Jollibee promotion

In 2007, Jollibee released a set of Movie toys (large scaled legends class transforming toys) that included detachable display bases for their robot modes.

2007 Transformers the Movie Red Rooster promotion

Red rooster movie toys

Bumblebee in packaging

In 2007, Australian fast-food chain Red Rooster released a set of Movie toys (Similar to the BK Movie toys Optimus Prime and Ratchet).

2008 McDonalds Animated Promation

In 2008, Mcdonalds annonced that they were releashing Animated toys in their Happy Meals. It will be the Boy toy along with My Little Pony for the Girls toys.

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