Season 1: 1996–1997

# Title Writer Director Original airdate Production code
1 Beast Wars (Part 1) Bob Forward Ian Pearson September 16, 1996
The Maximal and Predacon forces crash-land on a mysterious, primitive world. 
2 Beast Wars (Part 2) Bob Forward Steve Ball September 17, 1996
After a battle between Optimus and Dinobot, a huge cache of Energon is discovered. 
3 The Web Larry DiTillio C. Michael Easton September 18, 1996
While testing a new communications device, Cheetor runs into trouble. 
4 Equal Measures Greg Johnson T.W. Peacocke September 23, 1996
While placing communication relay devices, Cheetor is accidentally transported to the Darksyde
5 Chain of Command Jesse Winfield Andrew Doucette September 24, 1996
After Optimus is abducted by an alien probe, the remaining Maximals must decide on a new leader. 
6 Power Surge Larry DiTillio Nicholas Kendall September 25, 1996
Terrorsaur discovers a cache of energon on a floating mountain that gives him enough power to overthrow Megatron
7 Fallen Comrades Bob Forward Steve Ball September 30, 1996
A stasis pod falls form orbit into an icy region of the planet and the Maximals and Predacons race to obtain it. 
8 Double Jeopardy Jesse Winfield Mark Schiemann October 7, 1996
After a series of failed missions, Rattrap's loyalty is brought into question. 
9 A Better Mousetrap Karen Willson,
Chris Weber
October 8, 1996
Rattrap is trapped inside the Axalon when the new Sentinel security program malfunctions, and must disarm it. 
10 Gorilla Warfare Greg Johnson James Boshier October 14, 1996
A virus, courtesy of Scorponok turns Optimus into an overly-aggressive fighting machine. 
11 The Probe Craig Miller,
Marvin Wolfman
Ezekiel Norton October 15, 1996
As a probe from Cybertron approaches the planet, the Maximals desperately try to make contact with it, but Megatron has other plans. 
12 Victory Wendy Reardon Steve Ball November 1, 1996
A rebellion (and explosion) at the Predacon base seemingly leads to a Maximal victory. 
13 Dark Designs Ian Weir Owen Hurley November 4, 1996
Megatron captures Rhinox and reprograms him into a Predacon. 
14 Double Dinobot Rowby Goren John Pozer November 5, 1996
Megatron creates a non-transforming clone of Dinobot in an effort to disable Sentinel. 
15 The Spark Larry DiTillio Colin Davies November 11, 1996
Rhinox and Cheetor assist a downed stasis pod and the damaged protoform within. 
16 The Trigger, Part 1 Bob Forward J. Falconer November 18, 1996
Tigatron discovers a flying island with amazing alien power, but the Predacons are after it as well. 
17 The Trigger, Part 2 Bob Forward Michaela Zabranska November 19, 1996
With the flying island under Predacon control, the Maximal base and the Beast Wars are in jeopardy. 
18 Spider's Game Larry DiTillio James Boshier January 6, 1997
Tarantulas detects a new stasis pod and attempts to turn the protoform into a new Predacon. 
19 Call of the Wild Bob Forward Jonathan Goodwill January 7, 1997
The Predacons steal the Axalon's Energon Dampener which causes the Maximals to revert into a more feral state. 
20 Dark Voyage Samuel Warren Joseph Steve Ball January 27, 1997
After an energon explosion, Rhinox must lead the blinded Maximals back to base. 
21 Possession Ian Weir Owen Hurley February 3, 1997 BW021
Waspinator finds himself possessed by none other than the original Decepticon traitor, Starscream
22 The Low Road Bob Forward J. Falconer February 10, 1997
Rhinox is infected with a strange energon discharge virus and if a cure isn't found he'll destroy the Maximal base. 
23 Law of the Jungle Mark Leiren-Young John Pozer February 17, 1997
After an innocent is killed, Tigatron questions his commitment to the Maximal cause. 
24 Before the Storm Bob Forward Adam Wood February 21, 1997 BW024
Inferno brings Megatron an alien golden disk that causes him to offer a too good to be true cease fire to the Maximals. 
25 Other Voices, Part 1 Larry DiTillio,
Bob Forward
Colin Davies March 31, 1997
The plans of both Megatron and the mysterious aliens are coming to a head as one of the two moons transforms. 
26 Other Voices, Part 2 Larry DiTillio Ezekiel Norton April 1, 1997
As the Planet Buster begins destroying the planet's energon, Optimus devises a desperate plan to destroy the alien device. 

Season 2: 1997–1998

# Title Writer Director Original airdate Production code
27 Aftermath Larry DiTillio Colin Davies October 26, 1997
After the destruction of the Planet Buster and the death of Optimus, the remaining Maximals are left to pick up the pieces and fend off the Predacons. 
28 Coming of the Fuzors (Part 1) Bob Forward Steve Sacks November 2, 1997 BW028
Dinobot breaks into the Predacon base and steals the golden disks, meanwhile two oddly misshapen transformers emerge from their stasis pods. 
29 Coming of the Fuzors (Part 2) Bob Forward Cal Shumiatcher November 9, 1997 BW028
Vastly outnumbered, the remaining Maximals must defend their base from a Predacon assault while Rhinox takes a dangerous journey. 
30 Tangled Web Len Wein Craig McEwen November 16, 1997
Megatron sends Tarantulas to build a new energon processing station, but Tarantulas has other plans. 
31 Maximal, No More Patrick Barry Trenton Carlson November 23, 1997
With the contents of the Golden Disks weighing heavily on his mind, Dinobot must decide which side of the conflict he truly belongs to. 
32 Other Visits (Part 1) Larry DiTillio John Pozer February 8, 1998
A new alien site and device are discovered, and Megatron intends to have both for himself. 
33 Other Visits (Part 2) Larry DiTillio Colin Davies February 15, 1998
With the alien craft in his possession, Megatron intends to use it to conquer Cybertron! 
34 Bad Spark Greg Johnson Steve Sacks,
Jonathan Goodwill
February 22, 1998
An oversize stasis pod reveals the secrets of Protoform X
35 Code of Hero Ian Weir Bob Forward March 9, 1998 BW035
Dinobot makes a choice. 
36 Transmutate Christy Marx J. Falconer,
Sean Osborne,
George Samilski
March 10, 1998
A strange creature emerges from a damaged stasis pod, and both Rampage and Silverbolt find a strange type of kinship with it. 
37 The Agenda (Part 1) Bob Forward Cal Shumiatcher March 11, 1998 BW037
The Tripredacus Council sends an agent to Earth to bring back Megatron and his band of criminals. 
38 The Agenda (Part 2) Bob Forward Owen Hurley March 12, 1998 BW038
Captured by Ravage, Megatron lets the former Decepticon warrior in on the secret of the Golden Disk, and gets him to switch sides. 
39 The Agenda (Part III) Bob Forward Asaph Fipke,
Colin Davies
March 12, 1998 BW039
His plans crumbling, Megatron takes a final stab at winning the Beast Wars and changing history. 

Season 3: 1998–1999

# Title Writer Director Original airdate Production code
40 Optimal Situation Bob Forward Steve Sacks October 24, 1998
With Optimus Prime in critical condition after Megatron's attack, Optimus Primal takes on his spark to save the timestream. 
41 Deep Metal Larry DiTillio Owen Hurley November 1, 1998
Depth Charge arrives on Earth continuing his obsessive quest to hunt down Protoform X. 
42 Changing of the Guard Evan Somers Steve Sacks November 8, 1998
While trying to salvage the Sentinel program from the ruins of the Axalon, Rattrap finds himself caught between Depth Charge and Rampage. 
43 Cutting Edge Ian Weir Trenton Carlson November 15, 1998
A new group of raptor clones attacks the proto-human tribe, and it falls to Cheetor and Blackarachnia to defend them. 
44 Feral Scream Part 1 Greg Johnson Steve Sacks January 31, 1999
Megatron creates a new Transmetal 2 Dinobot using alien technology, and Cheetor is caught in the blast as the device malfunctions. 
45 Feral Scream Part 2 Jules Dennis William Lau February 7, 1999
Cheetor is behaving oddly after the accident, and a new Transmetal 2 creature is stalking both camps. 
46 Proving Grounds Arthur Sellers William Lau February 14, 1999
Blackarachnia discovers that removing a shell program could free her from Predacon control... or wipe her mind entirely. Believing this revelation to be the latest in a long line of mistrust between her and the Maximals, Blackarachnia strikes out on her own, only to be pulled into a dangerous cat-and-mouse game within a Predacon jamming zone by Dinobot II. 
47 Go with the Flow Bob Forward Cal Shumiatcher February 18, 1999
Megatron and the Predacons are building a cannon that could destroy the Ark and the Maximals, but requires an organic life-form to finish the construction. 
48 Crossing the Rubicon D.C. Fontana Trenton Carlson February 22, 1999
After experimenting with the Transmetal Driver, Blackarachnia's core consciousness begins to crash and Rhinox has to perform emergency surgery. 
49 Master Blaster Eric Torin Steve Sacks March 1, 1999
After taking control of Optimus and capturing the Maximals, Megatron enters the Ark and absorbs the original Megatron's spark. 
50 Other Victories Larry DiTillio William Lau May 5, 1999
The Vok send their powerful new emissary, Tigerhawk to Earth to stop the continued disruption of the time stream. 
51 Nemesis Part 1 Bob Forward Ezekiel Norton May 6, 1999
Down, but not out, Megatron discovers Tarantulas' secret tunnel network that leads to the Decepticon warship the Nemesis
52 Nemesis Part 2 Simon Furman Cal Shumiatcher,
Steve Sacks
May 7, 1999
The end of the Beast Wars. Megatron has possession of the Nemesis, and Optimus and the Maximals need a last-minute miracle to stop him. 


  • Every season of Beast Wars ended with a multi-part episode.
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