Lione is an Autobot from the Headmasters portion of the Generation One continuity family.

In the jungle, the quiet jungle...

Lione (リオーネ, Lē•ō•né) is one of the Headmaster Warriors, the group of diminutive young robots training on the planet Master to become fully-fledged Headmasters.


Headmasters animated series

Lione was among the members of the resistance formed to force the Decepticons off of planet Master. When the Autobot Headmasters arrived on Master to aid the resistance in a battle against the Decepticon forces, Lione was in the group that emerged after the fighting to thank them for their assistance.

(Note: The colorists apaprently got Lione confused with Steeljaw. This is far from the only coloring mistake made for these models.)

TV Magazine Masterforce prologue

Some time later, after the Decepticons had been forced off of Earth and a larger war began based around use of advanced technology from Planet Master, Chromedome and the other Headmasters took it upon themselves to train Lione and the other Headmaster Warriors in the use of their powers.


Generation One

Lione toy

If I told you he was easy to find, I'd be Lione.

  • Lione (Headmaster Warrior, 1987)
Available exclusively in Japan, Lione transforms from a yellow and orange lion into a head, in which mode he can connect to any of the larger Headmaster toys. He goes for ludicrous sums of money on the secondary market, to say nothing of the super-rare, entirely white version of the figure which was only available in certain Japanese toy stores.

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