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Liokaiser (ライオカイザー Raiokaizā) is the combined form of the Breastforce, an elite combat team consisting of land and air assault vehicles who hail from the Death Zone. He is powerful, cruel, intelligent (unlike just about every other combiner), merciless, and an expert in melee combat. He's fought against Star Saber and Road Caesar on several occasions and promptly beat the stuffing out of them. It's possible the only opponents he can't contend with are Victory Saber and Deathsaurus

Liokaiser is composed of the Decepticons Leozack, Drillhorn, Gaihawk, Hellbat, Jarugar, and Killbison. Despite their unusually high levels of coordination and ruthlessness, Liokaiser's performance may suffer if the individual minds get distracted.

Russian dub name: Центурион ("Centurion")


Victory cartoon

Voice actor: Keiichi Nanba (Japanese)

Liokaiser was one of Star Saber's most dangerous foes and nearly defeated him. Star Saber was only saved by Ginrai arriving, but Liokaiser pulverized him too. Star Saber and Ginrai working together barely managed to drive off Liokaiser. He continued to menace the Autobots for the rest of the series, but became less of a threat when Victory Saber came around. He wields a sansetsukon (staff that can extend into a chain-weapon) tipped with detachable, spinning spike-rings. At the end of the series, when Deathsaurus brought his fortress online, Liokaiser battled to stop Star Saber and Victory Leo from entering it. He was killed when Victory Leo blasted him into the main cannon of Deathsaurus's Decepticon Space City.

Victory comic



  • Liocaesar [sic] (Breastforce)
    • Japanese ID number: D-335
    • Component members/Accessories: Leozack (Liokaiser head), Drillhorn, Gaihawk, Hellbat, Jarugar (2 missiles), Killbison (2 cannons, combined gun handle)
G1 Liokaiser toy

Fear his tiny feet!

Released only in Japan, Liokaiser is a unique and highly sought-after combiner. Unlike most other combiners, Liokaiser has almost no "combiner kibble", his feet and hands being built into the component robots. Only his combined-mode head is a separate accessory; even his hand-weapon is assembled from Killbison and Jarugar's extra weapons. However, in this form, the individuals' breastplate-animal partners cannot be stored and must be put aside.
Though his components were all sold as individuals, they were also available in a single Liokaiser box set.
Four of the six components to Liokaiser were used to make the European-exclusive Rescue Force.


A small "candy toy" version of Liokaiser was made available during the original Victory series.
In 2002, a PVC mini-figurine of Liokaiser was released in the seventh SCF series. All of the PVCs in this series were available in both full-color and solid pewter-painted versions, in blind-packed boxes.

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