The Mini-Cons make arrangements with the Autobots. Meanwhile, their enemies make a new plan...

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Linkage Part 8

Plot: Hirofumi Ichikawa
Script: Hirofumi Ichikawa
Pencils: Ichikawa, Hirofumi
Inks: Ibid
Lettering: ?
Colors: That guy. Who did that thing.
Editor: ?


Outside the Autobot base at Mount Astrogate, Servo reunites with Rollbar, and also talks with High Wire, noting that he actually met up with "them". Servo then relays that Redline still wants to work separately for now, but for the other Mini-Cons under Autobot protection to be ready, since Redline is searching for the Master Key, which he believes can grant their race true freedom. Servo leaves, and further explains their plan to Falcia and Twirl, who were guarding the trio. Falcia notes she'll stick with Redline for now, prompting Twirl to giggle about families sticking together. This prompts Falcia to try and injure Twirl.

Meanwhile, a Seeker Bug has located the Super Stunt Team's ship off the coast of the northwestern Hawaiian Islands. The Aqua Raider Team are dispatched to the area, under orders to capture a few for experimentation and kill the others. Meanwhile, the Speed Chaser Team receives a pair of mysterious objects from Sideways and Mirror: a large metal casket, and a container with a mysterious glowing gem....


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Items of note

  • Another text-heavy issue. But again necessary.
  • The "them" Servo refers to when talking to High Wire are the three human children Rad, Carlos and Alexis. This is a reference to the Armada cartoon, where the three children turn out to be the reason the Mini-Cons developed souls and free will, starting with High Wire.
  • High Wire, Sideways and Mirror are drawn really toy-like, rather than using their more simplified cartoon models. This is simply Ichikawa's general preference for drawing the more detailed toy-models... plus since that's how he's drawn the Linkage-original characters, cartoon models would clash heavily.
  • The thing Redline saw in the last issue is explained somewhat, as the eyes of the "horrible one". Though it's not explicitly said who that is, it's the eyes of the Mini-Cons' creator, Unicron.
  • All three members of the Aqua Raider Team show up at once. Of them, only Freeboot and Bilge get dialogue, and only Freeboot is shown in robot mode.
  • Page four is a Team bio for the Sonic Assault Team.

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