Falcia is attacked en route to her rendezvous.

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Linkage Part 6

Plot: Hirofumi Ichikawa
Script: Hirofumi Ichikawa
Pencils: Ichikawa, Hirofumi
Inks: Ibid
Lettering: ?
Colors: Hirofumi to the Ichikawa
Editor: ?


Stella gives Falcia a piece of her mind, but Falcia just mocks her and takes off. She contacts her teammate Combusta, but is attacked by the Speed Chaser Team in Magnawing mode.

Redline and Flat-Out race to the rescue, but Combusta gets there first, using her weapon mode to drive the Speed Chasers off. Redline and Flat-Out find where Falcia landed, only to discover the Mini-Con storage panel she carried was broken.


  • TBA

Items of note

  • Hirofumi Ichikawa noted he wasn't particularly happy with how the colors came out in this issue.
  • The storage panel Falcia carries was taken from Redline last issue, leaving him with only two.
  • Page four of this issue is a bio of Stella Holley.

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