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The history of the Mini-Cons, and a new friend... maybe.

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Linkage Part 5

Plot: Hirofumi Ichikawa
Script: Hirofumi Ichikawa
Pencils: Ichikawa, Hirofumi
Inks: Ibid
Lettering: ?
Colors: Your mother. Just kidding, it's Ichikawa again.
Editor: ?


As the Super Stunt Team move their stuff out of Stella's basement and into their newly-acquired spaceship via warp gate, Stella apologizes for causing them to lose track of Rollbar. The Mini-Cons explain that it was really the "servility program" built-in to every Mini-Con that was the cause; it influences the conscious will of Mini-Cons who were recently revived or Powerlinxed, bonding them with the larger Transformers. They also tell of the difficulty they had breaking free from their former Decepticon masters.

The Mini-Cons had also grabbed a deactivated Fixer Bug from their last battle, and realized their new enemies' plans to return the Mini-Cons to their original design intent: mindless slaves meant to escalate the Autobot-Decepticon war.

Inside the spaceship, the Team is reunited with an old "ally", Falcia. After some curt talk, Falcia forces open Redline's storage compartment, and takes one of the Mini-Con storage panels inside, claiming one of her allies is inside it. She loudly declares her intention to join the Autobots and crush the Decepticons, rather than take the path the "cowards" on the Super Stunt Team are pursuing.


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Items of note


  • The spaceship was acquired in the previous issue; the ship Scavenger used to reach Earth.
  • We get a big explanation of the whole "Mini-Con subservience" deal that was only barely alluded to in the cartoon. Much of "Linkage" seems to involve filling holes in the cartoon.
  • We also get a new piece of Transformers slang, "bulk", used by Mini-Cons to refer to larger Transformers.
  • We also get to see Redline and Flat-Out's pre-Earth vehicle modes. The Decepticons they are Powerlinxed to bear a striking resemblance to the Generation One Decepticons Slugslinger and Misfire.
  • We also get a great look at Stella's... tracts of land.
  • Redline now only has three storage panels, having started with four. One was used to reactivate Rollbar between Parts 2 and 3.
  • The fourth page of the comic is a Team bio of the Speed Chaser Team.

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