Ravenus is subdued, and the Mini-Cons prepare for their greatest challenge...

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Linkage Part 12

Plot: Hirofumi Ichikawa
Script: Hirofumi Ichikawa
Pencils: Ichikawa, Hirofumi
Inks: Ibid
Lettering: ?
Colors: ME. No, just kidding.
Editor: ?


The Speed Chaser Mini-Con Team takes note of the sheer number of Mini-Cons that they didn't know were still on Earth as they watch them gather and use their new powers to contain Ravenus. They and the Aqua Raider Mini-Con Team use trans-phase mode to escape to wherever they go.

Meanwhile, Redline has managed to extract the Doomstone from Ravenus, and places it inside his own extra-dimensional storage unit so it will be safe until he can figure out how to defuse it. His temmates give him a lot of grief over it, reminding him that the Doomstone is the problem of all Mini-Cons, and that they all should work to dispose of it.

Later, the numerous Mini-Cons listen to a communication with Perceptor and Sparkplug, as they prepare to meet up with the Autobot forces aboard the Axalon and return to Cybertron and fight Unicron. The Mini-Cons say goodbye to Stella, with Redline reminding her that Mini-Cons and humans' souls are intertwined, and that should they be victorious in their battle, they will send her a sign...


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Items of note

  • Four pages again.
  • "Trans-Phase Mode" makes an appearance here, explaining Sideways' mysterious "nano" form seen multiple times in the cartoon. Apparently, all agents of Unicron can pull this trick off.
  • Dune Runner is the first Mini-Con to appear from elsewhere. Of all the Mini-Con models to appear, he's the only one colored normally so you can tell who he is.
  • Unicron is finally specifically mentioned as the Mini-Cons' creator.
  • Redline has a temporary replacement right arm for the latter half of the comic, due to his original arm being torn apart by the Doomstone's energies. If his arm is based on another toy's arm is up for question, as it's fairly generic.
  • When Redline explains the soul-link, in the panel's background is a silhouette of High Wire (in his pre-Earth form) and Rad in his space suit, referencing the event in the cartoon that brought Mini-Cons free will.

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