Redline attempts to rescue Twirl and stop the evil Mini-Cons' plot.

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Linkage Part 11

Plot: Hirofumi Ichikawa
Script: Hirofumi Ichikawa
Pencils: Ichikawa, Hirofumi
Inks: Ibid
Lettering: ?
Colors: Not Norman Tebbit
Editor: ?


Redline chases after Ravenus, who had kidnapped Twirl, but even with his new powers, catching him is tricky. The rest of the Super Stunt Mini-Con Team and the Sonic Assault Mini-Con Team use the Master Key to evolve, causing Stella to note their ability to speak proper English now and color-changing skills... the latter Stella is mildly jealous of, since she thinks she'd like to be a blonde. Falcia discourages this, then jets off to help Redline.

Stella realizes that they need more help, so she releases the Mini-Cons Impulsor and Quench from the final two Mini-Con storage panels. Flat-Out interrogates the Aqua Raider Mini-Con Team about the Doomstone, but Bilge claims there's no way to safely defuse it. Ravenus begins to activate it, but Kingbolt drops from the sky (apparently summoned by Impulsor and Quench), drop-kicking Ravenus and dislodging Twirl from him, stopping the Doomstone energies from entering the Linkage. Kingbolt and Redline team up to destroy Ravenus, but Twirl yells for them to stop, as she had found out during their Powerlinx that Ravenus is actually an Autobot!


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Items of note

  • Four pages again.
  • Nemesis Prime is shown in Bilge's explanation of the Doomstone's creation, clutching the Dark Saber and Run-Over (Run-Over's only fictional appearance). Of note is the Matrix-like design in his chest when he pulls in the "death agonies"... a design the actual Nemesis Prime toy doesn't have. Presumably he stopped having this (fictionally) once he passed on the Doomstone to Sideways.
  • Kingbolt and Redline's combo attack is a visual reference to an attack from the Takara Brave-series line Exkaiser.
  • Ravenus' revealed Autobot sigil looks like an old rubsign, down to the colors. It's even in the place of the rubsign on the Transmetal Terrorsaur toy that Ravenus is based on.

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