The Super Stunt Team escape their pursuers and meet a new ally.

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Plot: Hirofumi Ichikawa
Script: Hirofumi Ichikawa
Pencils: Ichikawa, Hirofumi
Inks: Ibid
Lettering: ?
Colors: the man known as Hirofumi Ichikawa
Editor: ?


While the battle for the Mini-Cons rages on between the Autobots and Decepticons in a different part of the world, in a "West Coast city in the United States", the Super Stunt Team race down a busy street with a pair of mysterious machines chasing them. The trio manage to duck into an underground parking garage, but realize they can't run forever and need to take a stand.

The three scan and begin to convert a nearby car, using Redline's Powerlinx "Evolution Protocol" ability to turn it into a turbo cannon. The machines advance, and the Mini-Cons blow them away. After they celebrate their victory, the young woman who owns the car (and saw the whole thing) wonders just how the car can be returned to something she can drive home in...


  • TBA

Items of note

  • The actual city this episode takes place in is vague. However, with the location of the named US cities in later issues, it's most likely along the coast of either Oregon or Washington.
  • The devices chasing the Mini-Cons are not named in this issue, but are called "Fixer Bugs", the "Bug" coming from the Japanese name for the Mini-Con Dead End.
  • This issue, the Mini-Cons' speech is punctuated with < > brackets, to indicate they're speaking in "binary" (the beeping language heard on the show).
  • This would not be the last time Stella's car is used by the Mini-Cons.
  • The fourth page of the mini-comic is a profile of Hirofumi Ichikawa, with a bust sketch of Armada Optimus Prime in place of his picture.

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