Titan4.8 Lin-Che

Lin-Che is a resident of Zhejiang Province in China who works at a scrap-metal facility. He has a wife and two children.


Titan Prime comic

The Mind Trap!

Lin-Che was captured by Knock Out and placed on the bench of a neuron refractor. When the device crammed Optimus Prime's mind into him, he was driven near insane, and when Optimus attempted to mentally communicate with him, Lin-Che assumed the giant robot was a figment of his imagination. Once Optimus shared memories of Cybertron with him, Lin-Che realized Optimus was on the up-and-up.

He scrambled clear of the refractor and, with Vehicons in pursuit, ran to The Claw, a piece of machinery he'd worked with for years and even dubbed "Daisy". With Optimus's guidance, he used it to dispense of the Decepticons. Lin-Che returned to the vacant refractor and reprogrammed it, again with Optimus's help, but they realized that Lin-Che wouldn't be able to operate the machine and lie on the bench at the same time. Lin-Che took what he called a "leap of faith", jumping into the device's beam and returning Optimus's mind to its rightful place. In return, Optimus drove him home after the battle was over.

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