The Lightning Strike Coalition is an Autobot subgroup in the Generation One continuity family.

The Lightning Strike Coalition is a sub-faction formed during the absence of Optimus Prime on Cybertron.

The Lightning Strike Coalition includes:


Dreamwave comics continuityEdit

Following Optimus Prime and Megatron's disappearances at the beginning of "The War Within 2: The Dark Ages", the Autobots and Decepticons soon split into several sub-factions. The Lightning Strike Coalition (LSC) was formed out of Grimlock's old unit when Optimus received the title of Prime and the Matrix of Leadership.

The LSC acted as a commando unit striking Predacon and Decepticon sites and convoys. When Ultra Magnus stepped in to take charge, the LSC members largely disbanded, but Grimlock put together a new fighting force known as the Dynobots with several ex-LSC members. This new unit followed a Decepticon group (the Insecticons) to Earth, sometime after the Ark's crash landing on that planet, but millions of years before the Earth-bound Transformers reactivated in early 1980s.

Note: This story would have been told in a story entitled "Rules of Extinction", inserted in Dreamwave's "Transformers Datatracks 2004", which was never released due to Dreamwave's collapse in the same year.



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