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Lightfoot is a 17-year-old human living in Canada, and heir to the prestigious British Motors automotive engineering company. He is also a Godmaster, his granted powers being control over water. His signature attack is the "Land Waterfall," a barrage of water drawn up from within the earth. When driving his Transtector, he can reach speeds in excess of Mach 10.


Lightfoot became aware of Ginrai after the trucker Godmaster appeared on television. His curiosity piqued, Lightfoot sent a letter to Ginrai describing his dreams of a large robot. After reading the letter and looking at the enclosed drawing of the robot, the Godmaster leader traveled north to visit the young man. Suspecting that a car owned by Lightfoot was one of the remaining Transtectors, Ginrai handed him a pair of Master-Braces. Lightfoot proved Ginrai's theory and was discovered to be a Godmaster. Lightfoot: A Dramatic Encounter

Lightfoot would go on to become Ginrai's second-in-command.

After the defeat of Devil Z, Lightfoot's Transtector became sentient and took its human counterpart's name before rejoining the Autobot forces in space.



  • Lightfoot (Autobot Godmaster, 1988)
    • Japanese ID number: C-304
    • Accessories: Godmaster transtector, "Electromagnet rifle"
G1 Getaway toy

As the big sports cars go, he was bigger than most.

Lightfoot transforms into a modified white Mazda RX-7 FC3S. This figure is not actually Lightfoot himself, but the Transtector to which the smaller Godmaster figure attaches as an engine, unlocking its transformation feature, though one can unlock the transformation simply by pressing down on the panel without Lightfoot. The Transtector's robot mode is mostly static for a relatively large toy, with articulation restricted to its arms.
This toy was sold in the United States as Getaway.

Notes & Trivia

  • ライトフット can also be translated as "Rightfoot" to complement the name of his father, Leftfoot.
  • As Lightfoot has Canadian heritage, it is possible his name is a reference to the Canadian musician, Gordon Lightfoot.