Liftor is a Mini-Con from the Armada portion of the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.

Fork you.

Liftor is very much a tech-head, an avid tinkerer who is very mechanically inclined. It's what he's happiest doing, taking apart and re-assembling machinery. Unfortunately, he's stuck in the middle of a war, and Liftor isn't exactly the bravest 'bot out there. Battles rattle his nerves, and he's more prone to hide than fight. Still, he does occasionally summon up the courage to leap into the fray and help out when things get ugly, particularly when his partner Smokescreen is in trouble... with incredible reluctance, of course.

An alternate-universe incarnation is partnered with an alternate-universe incarnation of Smokescreen.

Japanese name: Lift


Cartoon continuity

Armada cartoon

Dreamwave comics continuity


He knows where the "off" switch is to a human garbage compactor.



  • Smokescreen w/ Liftor (Deluxe, 2003)
Japanese ID number: MC-04
Packaged only with the larger Autobot Smokescreen, Liftor transforms into a Cybertronic heavy-lifting vehicle. His forklift/ram-scoop assembly is jointed to lift up in vehicle mode.
  • Grap & Lift w/ Race Microns (Multi-pack, 2003)
Japanese ID number: MS-04
In Japan, the Smokescreen/Liftor pairing was available both as a normal set, and in a multi-pack with the Race Mini-Con Team. All toys were identical to their normal releases.
  • Smokescreen w/ Liftor (Built to Rule, 2003)
As part of the smaller-sized Built to Rule sets, BTR Liftor could be rebuilt from a brick that resembles the original toy's vehicle mode to a brick that has the original toy's robot-mode head. Naturally, he came with Smokescreen.
  • Grap Super Mode w/ Spark Lift (Deluxe, 2003)
Japanese ID number: MC-11
In Japan, the Mini-Con Refute was treated as a new-body "Spark" upgrade of Liftor. This release is largely identical to the Refute toy, save the shiny-silver tires.
This mold was also used to make Clamp.


  • Smokescreen w/ Liftor vs. Ransack w/ Refute (Battle in a Box, 2004)
For Universe, Smokescreen was redecoed with a predominately black and yellow scheme. He was available in a "market six" Battle in a Box multi-pack with the Decepticons Ransack and Refute.

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