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Licca Kayama is a character from the Generation One continuity family.

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Licca Kayama (香山リカ Kayama Rika), or Licca-chan if you prefer to be kawaii desu~ ^_^, is a bright, energetic fifth-grader. She is half-French and half-Japanese. Her attacks largely consist of her slapping opponents while performing pirouettes. However, she is also able to utilize the "Licca Turn" technique, which allows her to drain the life from opponents into herself. Licca can also perform this move while holding an opponent, thereby hugging the life out of them.


DreamMix TV World Fighters

As part of DreamMix TV's attempt to pull in more ratings, Licca was invited to battle bunches of other beings, including Optimus Prime and Megatron on the television show World Fighters. DreamMix TV World Fighters


  • Licca Kayama is from Takara's Licca-chan toyline. This line of fashion dolls began in 1967 and is one of Takara's longest-running and most successful franchises.
  • A short animated film based on the then-current version of the line, Super Doll Licca-chan, was packaged alongside a Microman short film and the Beast Wars episode "Cutting Edge" for a Takara triple-feature theatrical release.