Trypticon is a Decepticon in the Generation 1 continuity family.

"After G1, he was cast as the Red Ranger's T-Rex on Power Rangers"

While there have been other sentient Decepticon "cities," Trypticon was the first to appear in any continuity. His intelligence and personality vary between those continuities, from a plodding near-animal to an introspective killer with designs on Decepticon leadership. Also variable is his scale: He's always depicted as being very large, but whether that means being two-to-three times typical Transformer size, literally city-sized, or somewhere in between, is rarely consistent. One element that should be consistent, given how often it's referenced, is the fact that his eyes can emit hypno-beams that subvert the will of other Transformers. Strangely, though, he has never been seen to use them.

In some continuities, he is accompanied by one or more smaller robots. The only one to exhibit an autonomous personality is Wipe-Out. Full-Tilt and Brunt have merely been mindless drones when they've existed at all.

Japanese name: Dinosaurer (monster-mode)/Dinobase (city-mode)


Animated Continuity

Voice actor: Brad Garrett (US), Yutaka Shimaka (Japan)


I thought he was great as Lobo on Superman.

In the year 2006, Trypticon was built on Earth by the Constructicons (with help from Octane and some other guy), out of a human city as the Decepticon answer to Metroplex and as part of the joint Quintesson/Decepticon campaign to attack the Autobots on two fronts. Upon activation, Trypticon sent his former human occupants running for their lives, then destroyed a nearby mountain for no apparent reason. Five Faces of Darkness, Part 4

His first mission was to attack the Ark, defended by those pesky Minibots. Trypticon shot Powerglide out of the sky, then shrugged off sneak attacks by the Minibot defenders (stepping on Swerve) before leveling the Ark and the volcano the Autobot ship was imbedded in. Destroying one Autobot stronghold wasn't enough, however, and Trypticon soon set his sights on Autobot City and Metroplex.

Metroplex was at a significant disadavantage, since he was without his transformation cog and thus locked into his battle station form, a weakness that Trypticon exploited. However, the timely arrival of Blurr and Wheelie with the cog allowed Metroplex to gain the upper hand, and Trypticon to take a bath in the Pacific ocean. Five Faces of Darkness, Part 5

Trypticon resurfaced later in a world monument stealing scheme with the Triple Changer Octane. They stole the monuments for Abdul Fakkadi of the Socialist Democratic Federated Republic of Carbombya in exchange for the country's high-grade oil. Rodimus Prime, Metroplex, and the rest of the Autobots put a stop to the scheme, and Trypticon took another bath.

Later, he had one of his eyes, his transformation cog, and even his body stolen by Starscream and Scourge in an effort to revive Unicron. He also acted as a transport vessel for the other "primitive" Transformers when they went to fight Tornedron, but no baths were involved.

Fight! Super Robot Life Form Transformers manga

In this timeline, Trypticon's construction occurred around 1986/87, rather than in 2005. While the Autobots were in the process of constructing Metroplex, Astrotrain and Reflector were able to sneak past their security and spy on the process, acquiring the information that Megatron needed to discover whether or not Metroplex was strong enough to stand up to Trypticon.


"Up from the depths, thirty stories high..."

The completed Trypticon made his fist appearance terrorizing an island utopia that the Decepticons had taken control of. He made short work of Superion, nearly killing him, until he was goaded into battle by the sudden appearance of Metroplex. Trypticon dove head-first at his rival, only to phase right through him and fall off a cliff and into the ocean. As it turns out, it was a hologram created by Hound and magnified by Perceptor.

Scramble City OVA

Not long after Trypticon's island misadventure, the Autobots completed construction of Metroplex, who was dispatched to aid the Autobot combiners in battle against their Decepticon foes. With the villains defeated, Megatron activated Trypticon to battle Metroplex.

(The Japanese manga and Scramble City served as a supplement to the animated series, with the events of the manga occurring between the end of the second season and the OVA, and the OVA itself occurring around the year 1987, it's cliffhanger left unresolved - although the possibility that it could have ended with Trypticon getting thrown off a cliff and crashing into the ocean is distinctly high. Both were released only in Japan, and are decidedly out-of-continuity with the Western version of the animated series, as they contradict Trypticon's origin as it is depicted there.)


Voice actor: Masato Hirano (Japan)

Trypticon continued serving the Decepticons into the year 2011; however, by then he'd become mostly a joke. In one confrontation, he was defeated by Daniel and Wheelie when they lured him into walking onto a rickety rope bridge which subsequently buckled under his weight and dumped him into a river. Nevertheless, he was still used in numerous battles throughout 2011. At one point he was commandeered by Cyclonus and Scourge and brought into battle against the Autobot Headmasters. The pair fled, leaving Trypticon behind to be destroyed (which happened off-screen; his destruction was only mentioned by Galvatron). He was apparantly rebuilt, however, and was seen serving the Decepticons all the way through to their eviction from planet Earth.

Zone OVA

Voice actor: Daisuke Gōri (Japan)


Master of subtlety.

(Trypticon is referred to as one of the Nine Great Demon Generals. This terminology, coupled with the presence of the previously deceased Black Zarak in their ranks and Violen Jygar's supernatural origins, could mean that Trypticon died previously to Zone and was likewise brought back to life. However, this is unconfirmed, meaning that Violen Jygar may have simply recruited the still-living Trypticon to be a General.)

Trypticon eventually joined forces with Violen Jygar as one of his nine deadly Decepticon Demon-Generals. Now with the rank of Saurian General, he used a club for a weapon and was equipped with a new attack, the Energon Z Beam, thanks to his compatriots stealing the Autobots' Energon Z from Planet Zone. Trypticon was sent by Violen Jygar to steal the Zodiac from the Autobots on Earth. During the battle with Dai Atlas, the power of the Zodiac was released right in Trypticon's face, killing him.

Marvel Comics Continuity

Events in italics happened in the Marvel UK comics

Trypticon was dispatched by Ratbat to Earth, where he attacked the Ark with the aid of Wipe-Out. He exhibited more intelligence than in perhaps any other universe, bantering with his enemies and employing some degree of strategy. But the Dinobots held him off long enough that his energy expenditures upset the miserly Ratbat, who recalled him to Cybertron. The "defeat" of Trypticon immediately led to Grimlock's inauguration as Autobot Leader.

Later he fought evil zombies with Flywheels and the Wreckers.

Dreamwave comics continuity

Before the Ark left Cybertron, Trypticon was seen participating in at least one assault on the Autobots. Though not seen at that time, he does control two "battlefield drones," Full-Tilt and Brunt.

Despite his effectiveness as a killing machine, he doubts the Decepticon cause and hates his own role. He thinks that his abilities will eventually merit his taking leadership of the Decepticons, though he accepts this with the same resignation as the rest of his futile existence. More Than Meets the Eye

Devil's Due G.I. Joe vs. the Transformers comics continuity

As part of Serpent O.R.'s forces, Trypticon defended the newly unified Decepticon army's base against a combined Autobot/G.I. Joe strike force. A massive barrage from Ultra Magnus and G.I. Joe's artillery almost felled the giant Decepticon. The Art of War, Part 5


Generation 1

  • Trypticon (Decepticon City, 1986/1987)
Japanese ID number: D-63
Came with Full-Tilt and Brunt
This mold was later retooled, redecoed, and sold with fewer accessories as Beast Wars II Gigastorm


  • Trypticon (MyClone, 2003)
The Trypticon MyClone is the adorablest little killer dinosaur you ever did see.


  • Trypticon (Legends, 2006)
Trypticon in the Classics line is a redeco of Legends of Cybertron Scourge. This redeco is awesome and needs cuddles.

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