Leviathan Transformers Universe 2014 Artwork
The Leviathan is a Decepticon ship commanded by Switchblade. It's equipped with a GroundBridge for troop deployment on the ground.
"The Leviathan is my personal vessel, marvel at its magnificence of power for it is the destroyer of Autobots and the seat of my ascendancy. "
Switchblade [src]

Transformers: Universe

Switchblade used the Leviathan to ambush the Arclight, deploying Switchblade's armada of flight Vehicons to deal the final blow to the Arclight. The Arclight was destroyed, but many of the Autobots escaped in pods towards Earth. Switchblade chose to land the Leviathan in Central City, which was badly damaged by the fallen wreckage from the Arclight. He chose this spot as it "served a reminder of what it means to be a Decepticon", as well as Central City containing vast amounts of energon below it.


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