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Only British fans will understand the logo on this page!

The Marvel UK G1 comic had an interesting approach to fan mail - the letters were answered by Transformers.

The Marvel UK comics' weekly format resulted in a very informal, "chatty" interaction with fans. There were tips about where to pick up old merchandise, and sightings of new toys. The corner section of the page ran recurring items as well - "Stock Exchange" and "Comic Exchange" let fans swap their toys and comics with each other; other times, a fan might have a list of their favourite aspects of the series (issue, character, artist, etc.) printed.

Outside-inside continuity

The continuity of the letters page is somewhat complicated. While the comic had a human production staff (Stubbies) who could be blamed for some gaffes that might occur, the comic was also supposed to portray "real events". Or, as Grimlock put it when a fan tried to blame the writer for Galvatron's rampage:

The story that appears in this comic is an accurate representation of the actual events as they happened. So, just this once, you can't really blame the Stubbies involved. That said in issue #102 they got it all wrong. Fancy showing Galvatron actually defeating me in battle! Ridiculous! -Grimlock, answering letter

The hosts answered questions and bantered with fans, discussing subjects ranging from Megatron's Cybertronian form (a hand-held laser gun) to Optimus Prime's opinion of Mötley Crüe's music (he hates it).

Hosts/Page title

  • Soundwave hosted the page under the title Soundwaves.
  • Blaster rounded out the comic's run with Darn 'n' Blast, beginning in issue 300. Don't ask what happened to Dreadwind's picture of a sad-eyed puppy. Curiously, Blaster took over while he was STILL DEAD!