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Leozack is a Decepticon Breastforce Warrior from the Victory portion of the Generation 1 continuity family.
Leozack boxart

I hope Mr. Belding doesn't find out about our rascally scheme, Screech.

Leozack (レオザック Reozakku) is the commander of the elite Decepticon Breastforce and notionally Deathsaurus's most trusted warrior...except he really can't be trusted at all. Leozack despises being anything less than the top 'bot and is constantly struggling to have it all—including leadership of the Decepticons. Unlike those that have come before, however, Leozack is smart enough to keep his ambitions hidden from his emperor, preferring to gather the resources and power necessary to fuel his dreams of conquest in secret. The thing is, Deathsaurus is fully aware of Leozack's dreams and schemes, and to say that he doesn't rate Leozack as a threat would be putting it mildly. In Deathsaurus's eyes, Leozack is an overzealous youth with ideas above his station, and while he conceals his awareness of Leozack's treachery from him, he never misses a chance to make his contempt for Leozack well-known. This drives Leozack absolutely crazy, and he often takes irrational risks trying to prove to Deathsaurus that he is a capable warrior.

As a member of the Breastforce, Leozack is partnered with a transforming breastplate which can detach and transform into his Breast Animal partner, the Lionbreast, or the handheld "Leo Cannon". Like his fellow Breastforcers, Leozack also wields an Electromagnetic Nunchaku. Leozack can combine with his fellow Breastforce warriors into Liokaiser, forming the upper torso of the super robot.


Cartoon continuity

Victory cartoon

Voice actor: Keiichi Nanba (Japanese)

Leozack was summoned by Deathsaurus to bolster his forces in preparation for their campaign against the Earth. Leozack was put in charge of the first plan, which involved the Dinoforce attacking the Autobots' base while Leozack himself intended to confront Star Saber. The Dinoforce went about their task and drew Star Saber out, and both Leozack and Deathsaurus, watching the conflict from afar on the Thunder Arrow, were taken aback to see the Autobot leader piloting the V-Star battlecraft, which they had never seen before. Leozack was about to head out to battle Star Saber, but Deathsaurus suggested he hold back and observe this new turn of events instead. Leozack did so, and rather predictably, the Dinoforce were defeated. Sneak Attack! Dinoking

Victory ep4 sandhide

Seriously, how does he DO that?

The Thunder Arrow subsequently set down on Earth, and Leozack vowed to end Star Saber's life as a gift to Deathsaurus. He attacked Star Saber when the Autobot leader was bringing his human son Jean to school, putting the whole campus in danger. Leozack grappled with Star Saber, but with his Lionbreast busy fighting Holi, his torso was left unprotected, leaving him open to a damaging slash from Star Saber's Saber Blade, which forced him to retreat. Attack! Leozack

Leozack was soon joined by his Breastforce teammates Drillhorn, Jarugar and Killbison, and together, they arranged an attack on an energy plant in the desert. The Breastforce hid themselves in the sand and watched as the Dinoforce carried out the attack, but when the Autobot Landcross arrived, they emerged to join the battle. Said battle didn't last long, as Star Saber soon arrived as well, and Leozack fled when confronted by the two giants. Unite!! Multiforce

File:Leozack vs starsaber.jpg

With his next plan, Leozack began showing his true colors. Recruiting the Dinoforce to help him, Leozack had them attack the Ocean Exhibition amusement park, with the intention of turning it into a personal base for himself. He even revealed his ambition to overthrow Deathsaurus to Gōryū, and while the Dinoforce leader was not particularly impressed, he decided to go along with the stunt anyway. Unsurprisingly, the Autobots soon arrived, and Leozack was defeated by Star Saber, after which he attempted to bluff his way out of trouble by telling Deathsaurus that he had intended to turn the park into a seawater energy conversion plant. Move Out! Rescue Team

File:Leozack and lionbreast.jpg

After leading an infiltration of the Neo Uranium Mines Infiltration... The Uranium Mine and helping to gather energy in the Amazon, Explosion!! The Energy Base Leozack joined the other Decepticons in stealing energy from an American subway system. The plan was Deathsaurus's own, and Leozack advocated caution, but when Deathsaurus embarrassed him into silence in front of the other Decepticons, he was left in a bad mood for the whole mission. Consequently, Leozack decided to disobey orders and blast the subway tunnels open so they could access the electrical systems more easily. This, of course, attracted the attention of the Autobots, and Leozack wound up battling Blacker in the cramped underground quarters. When Deathsaurus called retreat, Leozack was unwilling to break off the fight, but when all the other Decepticons abandoned him, he had little choice. Big City - Underground Terror

File:Leozack and hellbat.jpg

Hoping to redeem himself for past failures, Leozack summoned another of his Breastforce teammates, Hellbat, to Earth to steal information from the New Energy Resource Research and Development Laboratory in Japan. Unfortunately, Hellbat botched the job, leading to another battle with the Autobots. The Decepticons were defeated by a brainwave scrambler invented by Braver, which Leozack was able to steal as he retreated. Alas, the scrambler only worked on Decepticons, and the dressing-down that Leozack received from Deathsaurus only convinced Hellbat that he could do a better job of leading the Breastforce himself. The New Warrior - Hellbat Hellbat proceeded to go over Leozack's head with information he had about an energy shipment being transported in Nevada. Leozack was naturally furious, but Hellbat’s honeyed words convinced Leozack to carry out the attack with him so they could steal the energy for their own personal supply. Of course, the two hapless schemers wound up being once again defeated by Star Saber. Attack the Shuttle Base!! Two subsequent missions led by Leozack to steal oil from tankers likewise met with failure, Tanker Hijack Operation Rescue Jean!! as did the Breastforce's attempt to tap hydroelectric power in Canada. Mach and Tackle

File:Leozack and deathcobra.jpg

Following a scheme to create an energy alloy, A Fierce Battle!! The Asteroid Leozack took the Breastforce to the planet Micro, intending to free another of their comrades, Gaihawk, from the Satellite Penitentiary on the planet's moon. Following the success of this mission, Rescue! Gaihawk Leozack sought to complete the team by summoning the final member, Deathcobra, to join them. With Deathcobra on the team, Leozack could finally boot out the untrustworthy Hellbat, and the remaining six members could merge into their combined form of Liokaiser. Learning of this, Hellbat tried to stop Deathcobra from meeting with the others and accidentally wound up killing him in the fight that ensued. He preventing Leozack from discovered this by blaming the Autobot Micromaster Holi for the deed, and so secured his place as part of Liokaiser. After defeating Star Saber in their first combined outing, Unite! Liokaiser Leozack led the team back to Earth, but still couldn't catch a break from Deathsaurus, who opted instead to heap praise on Gaihawk for his role in the battle, then on Hellbat, who had found a new target for the Decepticons in the Schaeffer Energy plant. The Breastforce combined into Liokaiser to battle Star Saber for the Schaeffer Energy, Battle Up of Wrath!! and later merged again to battle him and Landcross at the South Pole. Fight to the Death!! Antarctic Battle

File:Deathsaurus vs leozack.jpg

Leozack and the Breastforce's next plan was one of their best, as they lured their Autobot rivals, the Brainmasters, into an ambush in the desert. With the heavy automotive Autobots unable to manoeuvre in the shifting sands, the Breastforce were able to damage Blacker badly and deal a serious blow to the Autobots. Crisis! Ambush in the Desert With the Autobots weakened by this loss in manpower, Deathsaurus decided it was time to increase the rate of Decepticon attacks…but this was not a good thing for Leozack, since the first thing Deathsaurus did was set his Breast Animals upon the Breastforce leader, pinning him to the floor of the throne room. Placing his sword against Leozack's face, Deathsaurus informed Leozack that he had always been aware of his second-in-command's ambition to lead the Decepticons, and he offered the would-be traitor a choice: Swear absolute loyalty to him or die. Stuck between a rock and a hard place, Leozack chose the former and aided his emperor in luring Star Saber into a subterranean battle. A Deadly Battle This battle left Star Saber badly injured, and the Decepticons kept up the pressure, as Leozack and the Breastforce accompanied Deathsaurus in raiding a solar power station. Ginrai Dies!!

Leozack later led missions to steal energy from America's "Energy Road", and the Mount Asama geothermal power plant, but was stopped on both occasions by Autobot warrior Victory Leo. Fight!! Victory Leo Awaken! Victory Leo Victory Leo wasn't able to interfere with the Decepticons' next energy theft, as the threat of orbital missile bombardment held him at bay, but Leozack disliked the cowardly nature of the scheme. The Tide is Turned! The Ultimate Weapon, the Victory Unification Even though it was Deathsaurus's own miscalculations that caused the failure of the plot, he didn't hesitate to blame Leozack. Jean - Defend the Campus!!

Victory32 starsaberhides

When Star Saber was off-planet attending a Galactic Peace Alliance conference, Leozack exploited his absence by donning a large exo-skeleton that allowed him to pose as the Autobot leader. Entering the Autobots' headquarters with the claim that he had intercepted a Decepticon message reporting that bombs had been planted in the base, he searched for the disk containing the information on Star Saber and Victory Leo's combination process while the other Autobots were hunting for the nonexistent explosives. Leozack made Victory Leo suspicious when he accidentally electrocuted himself while rummaging under a console and had to trick Holi and Jean into showing him where the disk was. Leozack nearly got away with the disk, but at the last moment, the real Star Saber returned to expose the villain's deception and send him packing. A Mystery?! The Deception of the Base Bombs

Victory35 falconpunch

Leozack's next scheme saw him unleash the metal-eating Dorya insects upon the Autobots, but the plan went down the tubes when the heroes discovered that intense cold defeated the bugs. The Death-Bringing Space Insects!! This resulted in yet another chewing-out from Deathsaurus, who refused to hear any more of Leozack's plans and simply beat him to a pulp. Hellbat chose that moment to pop up and deliver a secret message to Deathsaurus, which pushed Leozack to the end of his patience with his sneaky subordinate and led him to deliver a beating of his own. Once again, Hellbat sweet-talked Leozack into going along with his plan: the theft of energy from the ancient continent of Atlantis. The Terror of the Giant Tidal Waves The plan succeeded, and the Breastforce and Deathsaurus headed into space aboard the Thunder Arrow in order to recharge Deathsaurus's Planet-Destroying Fortress with the stolen energy. The Autobots pursued the villains, but were unable to stop them from bringing the fortress back online. The Wrath of the Resurrected Giant Fortress! To keep the Autobots busy while the fortress's main cannon charged, Deathsaurus dispatched the Breastforce—combined as Liokaiser—to battle them. In the course of the clash, Victory Leo was able to blast Liokaiser into the fortress's cannon barrel, which drained his energy dry. With his consciousness fading and his body unable to move, Liokaiser could only utter a fading scream for help as he drifted off into the depths of space. Showdown! The Fortress vs the Victory Unification Template:--

Zone catalog

As part of Liokaiser, Leozack was revived from death by some means. Lead by the reborn Dark Emperor Deathsaurus, Liokaiser joined several other powerful Decepticons in an assault on planet Zone. Attempting to steal their Energon Z, the Decepticons proved no match for the Micromasters and were driven away. Zone Project Story

Victory comic

File:Leozack manga.jpg

Leozack introduced himself to the Autobots when he embarked on a solo mission to Earth, believing that he could conquer the planet himself. His attack on a city did not go unnoticed by the Autobots, and when Star Saber arrived to stop him, Leozack was able to knock the Supreme Commander out of the air with his nunchaku. Unfortunately for Leozack, Star Saber's son Jean happened to be watching the battle, and noticed that Leozack was missing his breastplate—the Decepticon had accidentally forgotten to bring it with him! Star Saber immediately targeted his opponent's exposed torso with his Saber Blade and sent Leozack fleeing. Leozack Rumbles Violently!

Later, Leozack and the other Breastforcers combined into Liokaiser to battle Star Saber on Energy Planet X. When the combiner warrior managed to seize Star Saber, his individual components began arguing over who would get the right to destroy the Autobot leader; Leozack believed he should get to do it because he was the leader. Star Saber exploited the opening to turn the battle around, and Liokaiser was defeated and escaped. The Star of Friendship, Jean and Star Saber! In their next battle with Star Saber, the Breastforce almost had him defeated thanks to the aid of Deathsaurus and Dinoking, but the tables were turned when Star Saber merged with new arrival Victory Leo to form Victory Saber. The Strongest Partners, the Combination of Victory!


A female version of me? That's unheard of!

In their next battle, Liokaiser and Deathsaurus were defeated by the Autobots' "Five Stars of Victory" attack technique, and Liokaiser split back into Leozack and the rest of the Breastforce to flee back to Deathsaurus's "Space Stronghold". Shine! The Five Stars of Victory From the stronghold, the Decepticons began a final attack on Earth, bombarding the planet with meteors, but Deathsaurus made the mistake of leaving Leozack in charge of the fortress while he battled Star Saber in space. Leozack turned the fortress's main cannon upon Deathsaurus and Star Saber, but before he could finish them off, Deathsaurus blasted the fortress with his Living-Metal-Destroying Cannon. Star Saber smashed his way into the fortress control room and slashed Leozack with his "Planetary Impulse Sword", but even as the treacherous Decepticon collapsed, he begged the Autobots not to destroy the fortress. Deathsaurus revealed that the fortress was home to the Decepticons' families, and as Leozack was cradled by his sister Lyzack, he explained that they had been fighting to keep them safe. Struck by this revelation, Star Saber decided that it was time for the Autobots and Decepticons to lay down their arms and live in peace—the truest victory of all! Heroic! The Victory War Template:--

Timelines: Wings of Honor


Leozack was one of the first to volunteer for Skyquake's experimental Skyraider body refitting program. His new body was teeming with so many weapons, he lacked the hardware to implement them automatically; instead, he was forced to use verbal commands to use them individually.

Under Banzai-Tron's command, Leozack and his fellow Skyraider warriors Skyquake, Hooligan, Hellbat, and Gaihawk, followed the Autobot ship Eight Track to the planet Beta-Nine, where they hoped to beat them to a mysterious cargo that had crashed there aboard the Van De Graaff. Leozack, Skyquake, and Hooligan attacked the Autobots, separating the crew's youngest member from them. The Autobots' commander, Thunderclash, drove Leozack and the others away with a barrage of firepower, allowing his crew to escape into the trees where the Decepticons would have to fight them on the ground.

Skyquake departed after Thunder Clash and ordered Leozack and Hooligan to kill the remaining two Autobots, Landshark and Flak. Flak leapt out at them, demanding a fight, and Leozack was happy to oblige him. Unfortunately, this was a diversion, and once Flak had occupied their attention, Landshark surprised Leozack with a massive punch.

Leozack and the others were defeated and brought back to Cybertron as prisoners. The battle on Beta-Nine began the Autobot/Decepticon civil war. Wings of Honor Template:--



File:Victory-toy Leozack.jpg
  • Leozack (Breastforce, 1989)
    • Japanese ID number: D-329
    • Accessories: "Lionbreast" Breast Animal, Liokaiser's head
Leozack transforms into a white and green Grumman F-14 Tomcat jet fighter. He came packaged with his Breast Animal partner, the Lionbreast, which transforms from a lion-like robot to either chestplate armor for Leozack (and only Leozack), or the handheld "Leo Cannon" blaster. Leozack combines with his fellow Breastforce warriors (sold separately) to form Liokaiser; he forms the torso and head of the super robot.
This mold was used to make the Autobot Rescue Force jet.


  • Liokaiser (Gift set, 1989)
    • Japanese ID number: D-335
Leozack was also available in a complete six-piece box set of the entire Breastforce team. All of the toys within are identical to their individual releases. This release does not have bio/Tech Spec cards for the individuals, only the combined form.



  • Wings of Honor (BotCon attendee figure, 2009)
  • Accessories: Energon sword, energon rifle, 2 missiles
A redeco of Energon Starscream, Leozack transforms into a jet fighter loosely based upon the F/A-22 Raptor, cast mostly in bright cyan plastics, with white and blue painted on top. He comes with two very large accessories, a sword and a non-firing blaster, which can combine to form a really larger sword and/or non-firing blaster. In jet mode he has two wing-mounted spring-loaded missile launchers, which can flip up over his robot-mode shoulders for "Hyper Mode".
He was the "attendance freebie" at BotCon 2009, given away one per attending pre-registrant. Additionally, two were given away per purchase of the BotCon 2005 "Descent into Evil" box set. This offer was so popular that Fun Publications sold out of all of the "Descent into Evil" sets they had on-hand.
This mold was also used to make Energon Energon Starscream and BotCon 2009's Skyquake.



  • According to the BotCon 2009 fanclub fiction panel, the gist of Leozack's characterization in Wings of Honor came from the authors' desire to portray him as a stereotypical anime character; at one point, Rik Alvarez even wanted him to speak entirely in Japanese (!). Though nixed for logistical reasons, the basic idea survived in the form of Leozack's dialogue being rendered in a stylized Asiatic typeface.
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