While Leozack (レオザック, re-o-za-kku) is the commander of the elite Decepticon Breastforce and Deathsaurus' most trusted warrior...he really can't be trusted. Leozack is a conniving so-and-so, determined to rise to the highest rank of Decepticon power. All that stands in his way is Deathsaurus. Which, to Leozack's regret, is a hell of a lot to be in the way. His breastplate, the Lionbreast, can detach and transform into a lion-like attack partner or a handgun.

Leozack can combine with his fellow Breastforce warriors to form Liokaiser.



Japanese cartoon continuity

Victory cartoon

Voice actor: Keiichi Nanba (Japan)

Leozack grew to loath Deathsaurus habit of not getting his hands dirty and made schemes to overthrow him. Sneak Attack! Dinoking, Attack! Leozack, Unite!! Multiforce, Move Out! Rescue Team, Infiltration... The Uranium Mine, Explosion!! The Energy Base, Big City - Underground Terror, Clash!! Two Great Heroes

His schemes either failed because of his own incompetence or because of Hellbat's counter-scheming. The New Warrior - Hellbat, Attack the Shuttle Base!!, Tanker Hijack Operation, Move Out!! Breastforce, Rescue Jean!!, Mach and Tackle, A Fierce Battle!! The Asteroid, Rescue! Gaihawk, Unite! Liokaiser, Assemble! The Warrior Combiner, Battle Up of Wrath!!, Fight to the Death!! Antarctic Battle, Crisis! Ambush in the Desert

Deathsaurus was aware of Leozack's desire to overthrow (Leozack didn't practically announce his intent his leader right away, but he still wasn't very good at keeping his intent a secret), but mostly overlooked, since if Leozack's incompetence caused his schemes to fail then Deathsaurus likely didn't see as a threat (who would?), and Deathsaurus couldn't replace him. A Deadly Battle, Ginrai Dies!!, Fight!! Victory Leo, Ultimate Crisis!! Autobots, Awaken! Victory Leo, The Tide is Turned! The Ultimate Weapon, the Victory Unification, Jean - Defend the Campus!!, A Mystery?! The Deception of the Base Bombs, The Death-Bringing Space Insects!!, The Strongest! Victory Saber, The Terror of the Giant Tidal Waves

Leozack's loyalty was questioned by Deathsaurus at one point, who gave him two choices: swear his eternal allegiance to the Emperor of Destruction or die. Leozack still keeps his head on his shoulders to this day. It does, however, get vaporized when Liokaiser was blasted by Deathsaurus' fortress cannon. The Wrath of the Resurrected Giant Fortress!

Victory manga

While Leozack was off fighting Autobots, his sister Lyzack watched after the Decepticon families and tried not to cry too much.



  • Leozack (Breastforce, 1989)
    • Japanese ID number: D-329
    • Accessories: Liokaiser's head
Released only in Japan, Leozack transforms into a white and green Grumman F-14 Tomcat jet fighter. He also forms the torso and head to the combined robot Liokaiser. He came with his breastplate/gun/animal partner Lionbreast.
This mold was used to make the Autobot Rescue Force jet.
  • Liokaiser (Gift set, 1989)
    • Japanese ID number: D-335
Leozack was also available in a complete six-piece box set of the entire Breastforce team. It's worth noting that this release does not have bio/tech cards for the individuals, only the combined form.

Wings Of Honor

  • Leozack
    • Accessories: Sword, rifle, 2 missiles
Leozack is a blueish silver and blue redeco of Energon Starscream mold. He transforms into a jet fighter loosely based upon the F/A-22 Raptor. The toy also features numerous spots of sculpted battle damage and asymmetrical plastic-color layouts. He comes with two very large accessories, a sword and a non-firing blaster, which can combine to form a really larger sword and/or non-firing blaster. In jet mode he has two wing-mounted spring-loaded missile launchers, which can flip up over his robot-mode shoulders for "Hyper Mode". His wings and sword/guns (and cockpit) are now blue, with his cockpit having been painted yellow. His wings have white paint apps and his head is painted blue with red for the eyes and vents. He was available only at Botcon 2009 to attendees. Attendees who went to package pickup could receive two additional Leozacks upon purchase of the Botcon 2005 Descent Into Evil giftset.


Seriously, how does he DO that?

  • Leozack is the only Breastforce member that was not reissued in China in 1995 by Hasbro International.
  • Leozack can hide in sand like Scrooge McDuck swimming through money.
  • Leozack's speech pattern is very stereotypical of anime. His character card furthers this, by stating that he has to use voice commands to transform and use various attacks.
  • As of Botcon 2009, Leozack is a seeker (or at least once was a seeker).

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