The Leonid Tonfa (レオニドトンファー Reonido Tonfā) is a weapon formed from the Arms Microns L.P., Sou, and S.2 . It is one of the many Super Combo Weapons in the Autobot arsenal.



  • Leo Prime (Voyager, 2012-12-15)
    • Set ID Number: AM-28
  • Autobot Swerve (Voyager, 2012-08-25)
    • Set ID Number: AM-17
  • Smokescreen (Deluxe, 2012-11-24)
    • Set ID Number: AM-26
The Leonid Tonfa is formed by Sou (packaged with Autobot Swerve) as the main grip, S.2 (packaged with Smokescreen) as the shorter blade, and L.P. (packaged with Leo Prime) as the longer blade.


  • Traditional real-life tonfa are used in pairs, and look more like clubs. However, Japanese pop-culture does feature bladed tonfa (so-called tonfa swords), which the Leonid Tonfa resembles.
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