Lemuria is known on Earth as a mythical continent that sank beneath the Indian Ocean in ancient times. But in the differing Transformers universes, the truth is often stranger than fiction...

RTM 1 dub name: Atlantis
Ass-backwards didn't-even-try R2 DVD names (The Headmasters): Demonia, Lebelia

Generation One

The Headmasters anime


Damn this isn't the bowling alley!

The existence of Lemuria was proven when Decepticon Headmaster leader Scorponok uncovered its ruins and used them as a base for his final plan to destroy the Earth. It is not precisely clear when he discovered Lemuria, but it appeared that he had his plans in motion for some time before the continent's involvement was revealed - Scourge, Menasor and Devastator were stationed in the continent, mining it's powerful crysmag metal, and had not been seen during the latter portion of Scorponok's campaigns on planet Master and Earth, indicating that they were occupied with this task already.

With four "Death Towers" forged from Lemuria's crysmag metal positioned around Earth, Scorponok withdrew from a battle in Egypt to Lemuria. Plunging into the ocean, he was pursued by renegade Decepticon Sixshot, who was swept up in a whirlpool, and emerged in Lemuria. Discovering Scorponok's plan, he escaped and aided the Autobots in the final battle at the North Pole.

Unicron Trilogy

Cybertron anime

Japanese name: Pangea

The Lemuria is one of the four ancient starships sent off from Cybertron to explore the galaxy and create a massive space bridge network. Its crew eventually landed on the world that became known as Gigantion, the Giant Planet. It was the craft known as Atlantis which landed on the Earth, inspiring the legend of the sunken city in human myth; presumably, references to the Lemuria by the ship's crew were what inspired humanity to form a tale of another sunken continent by that name.

Even as the inhabitants of Gigantion grew, expanding their planet with them, the Lemuria remained in rest on the lowest, original level of the planet, with the Cyber Planet Key resting within it. Following the arrival of the Autobots and Decepticons on the planet, a race for the Lemuria and the key began, cumulating in a battle between Starscream and Landmine, the latter claiming victory thanks to a power boost from the key. The Lemuria was subsequently made spaceworthy and returned to Cybertron, where it was fused with the other three starships to form the Ark, through which Primus directed his power to seal the black hole.

With the threat of the black hole and Galvatron dispatched, a new space bridge program was introduced, and the four starships again departed for the far reaches of the galaxy.

Known members of the crew of the Lemuria on this voyage include

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