Legout is an Autobot Mini-Cassette combiner in the Headmasters portion of the Generation One continuity family.

Sounds like the kind of dude Skywarp would like.

Legout is the combination of Dial and Saur, and contains a supercomputer that records information for the Autobots. Unlike his older brother, Decibel, Legout is carefree and easily enthused. His shoulder-mounted Wave Blasters can overload Decepticon audio receptors and deafen them, which makes them not so enthused.


The Headmasters

  • Dial and Zaur (Mini-Cassettes)
Headmasters Legout Toy

XL102 gets the Leg out!

Legout is the combination of the Dial and Saur toys, both sold separately. Unlike his dinosaur-based components, Legout is humanoid.

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