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Legacy is the forty-sixth episode of Transformers: Prime. It aired on September 21, 2012.


Megatron uncovers the next Iacon relic, only to find out it's the Star Saber, which can only be wielded by a Prime alone. Meanwhile, Smokescreen trains with Jack to learn more about the Earth population.


Smokescreen and Bumblebee race down a Nevada road in search of an Energon signal. Though Bumblebee tries tell Smokescreen to slow down, the rookie breaks the speed limit and nearly runs into another vehicle. The driver jumps out to threaten Smokescreen, who promptly transforms and threatens him back. Bumblebee transforms to stop Smokescreen and the truck driver takes the opportunity to snap a picture of the pair. Back at base, Jack locates the picture on the Internet and says Raf can deal with it later. The other Autobots lecture Smokescreen about the concept of secrecy and Optimus Prime says they need to help Smokescreen acclimate to Earth through learning about human society. He suggested that Smokescreen needs a human to show him around, which Arcee questions Optimus about it and Ratchet says there are more humans to deal with. Everyone awkwardly stares at Ratchet for a few seconds. Jack is duly assigned to help Smokescreen and the pair head out, though Arcee complains to Optimus that she thinks Jack will be at risk because Smokescreen has the most obvious alternative mode ever. Optimus told her that he believes that Smokescreen understands on protecting humanity.

Driving through Jasper, Jack tries to educate Smokescreen on traffic lights, though Smokescreen is unable to stop joking around. When Vince hauls up beside them, Jack attempts to be inconspicuous, but Vince notices anyway and throws a burger at them. Smokescreen soon talks Jack into some retribution, and when they arrive back at base laughing, Jack has a photo of Vince's burger-covered car. Arcee isn't impressed with their progress so far.

On the Nemesis, Soundwave has finished decoding another set of coordinates from the Iacon database. Megatron gets a decoy ready. Thus when Optimus is also almost finished decoding the same coordinates, the base sensors pick up an Iacon locator beacon in China. Optimus takes Arcee, Bumblebee and Bulkhead to investigate. Meanwhile, Megatron has Insecticons and Vehicons busy excavating the real relic. Hoping it is of Decepticon origin, Megatron is shocked to see it is the Star Saber. Desperate to keep it from Optimus, Megatron tries to pull it free, but his efforts are to no avail and it remains firmly entrenched in the rock. Even trying to destroy the rock fails, as the sword's energy is rendering it invulnerable. Realizing that it will only respond to a Prime, Megatron intends to uproot the entire mountain if necessary.

Ratchet picks up the signal from the Saber, but is unable to contact Prime. Prime's team is trying to track the first signal, unaware that it's the decoy being carried around by Soundwave. Smokescreen and Jack arrive back at base having pulled a prank on Jack's boss. When Ratchet reports the situation, Smokescreen volunteers to check out the second signal, and takes Jack along with him in secret. They find the Decepticons trying break the mountain down to a smaller size, and Smokescreen recognizes the Star Saber. Despite Jack's concerns, knowing that something is up if Megatron hasn't pulled the sword out, Smokescreen charges in as the Decepticons are preparing to lift the remaining rock with the Nemesis. The Autobot proves as successful in extracting the sword as Megatron was, and is promptly captured by the Decepticons. While Jack tries to notify Ratchet, he is soon found and pursued by Insecticons. Ratchet gets enough from Jack's message to know what they've found and they're in serious trouble, and Ground-bridges to Optimus's location just as the team there are realizing they were being led on a wild goose chase.

As the Nemesis starts lifting the massive rock holding the Star Saber, Megatron begins interrogating Smokescreen with little effect. Prime's team suddenly arrives and starts laying into the Decepticons troops. Megatron looks around for Optimus himself, and spots the Autobot leader rapidly scaling the mountain in pursuit of the Star Saber, so he and some jet Vehicons take off to try to intercept. The other Autobots finish off the rest of the Decepticon troopers and Arcee rescues Jack from the Insecticons. Despite the best efforts of Megatron and his troops, Optimus manages to grab hold of the Star Saber which activates and pulls free of the rock. Megatron orders the rock dropped on him, but even as the other Autobots shout warnings, Prime merely uses the Star Saber to slice the whole thing in half. In shock, Megatron helplessly looks on as Prime follows up by taking a swing, unleashing a wave of energy at the Nemesis, destroying part of its engine array and nearly causing the ship to crash into the mountainside. The Decepticons hastily retreat as their leader laments over his failure and believes it is now their darkest hour.

The Autobots return to base, where Arcee is very unhappy with Smokescreen and Jack. She has Ratchet send the latter home and Optimus makes plain to the former that endangering humans is forbidden. As he reminds them of the importance of protecting humans, the sword begins to glow on its own, and Optimus goes into a trance-like state. Stating that he's receiving a message, Prime identifies the caller: Alpha Trion.


  • When Optimus is explaining why it was all their fault the incident had occurred in the beginning of this episode, you can see the side parts of his back pass through his arms on both sides.
  • Smokescreen has the same license plate as Agent Fowler and June.
  • As the Autobots prepare to enter the Ground Bridge, Optimus' battle mask slowly and silently deploys as he orders his team to roll out.
  • During the excavation of the Star Saber, one of the Insecticons transporting rocks suddenly loses a leg.
  • Megatron notes that the Star Saber is making the rock it is embedded in "impermeable", he probably means "impenetrable" or "invulnerable".
  • Arcee's right arm silently changes into a blaster as the Decepticons begin firing at the Autobots at the pod site.
  • When Smokescreen is brought to Megatron, as he asks "Who wants to know?", a red part of Smokescreen's mandible clip trough the gray part.
  • Megatron's comment suggests that he hadn't seen Smokescreen before, but this isn't true as he saw him with the other Autobots in the previous episode.


  • The Star Saber reveals its first appearance.
  • When Jack was riding inside Smokescreen, he tells him about the speed limit but does not pay attention to the ongoing traffic on the road.
  • This episode sets in motion the events that end the series with the film, making every episode after this one a giant story arc.
  • After Optimus sliced the rock in half, he winked at Megatron who was watching from the Nemesis.
  • This is one episode that Jack acts irresponsibly. Jack claims "I just pulled a Miko" in this episode, which shows that he followed in a situation where he acts irresponsibly like Miko did numerous times in Season 1.
  • Arcee states to Optimus that Agent Fowler is relocating Raf's family because the Decepticons know where he lives. This was not a big thing in the series because Raf did not move far nor did he transfer from his school.
  • Megatron can not pull the saber from the stone made reference to the famous story of Excalibur.
  • This is the first time Megatron and Smokescreen meet.


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