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Leatherhide was to have been an Autobot in the Universe war.

You don't exist and I still miss you, buddy.

Leatherhide is one of many Transformers caught up in the interdimensional war between the Children of Primus and the Minions of Unicron.


Universe (2003)

For a brief time, Hasbro's official website checklist featured listings for two "Halloween Horrorcon Value Packs" that were to be Wal*Mart exclusives... which also likely explains why they were canceled. (Wal*Mart had taken a good half-dozen exclusives and released them more-or-less simultaneously, leading to a huge glut. A lot of other Transformers exclusives were canceled during the Universe era.)

In 2004, several test-shots appeared on ebay in a group, among them a stony-blue redeco of the Beast Wars Mutant Soundwave. This, presumably, was to have been Leatherhide, as the other toys in the group line up with the names given for the two Halloween sets. The toy would have transformed from organic alligator to organic bat with no true humanoid robot mode, only glimpses of a lost robot mode, particularly a twisted robot face visible inside the bat mode's mouth. As he was to come in a "Vs." two-pack with the then-Decepticon character Blackarachnia, it is presumed that he was to be an Autobot.

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