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Leadfoot applies his knowledge of science to create bigger and louder weapons for his Autobot allies. Leadfoot and Ironhide have quickly become good friends working together on new weapon ideas. This leaves some of his teammates a little worried they might find a smoking crater where their weapons lab used to be. He has a pet, Steeljaw.

"Wreckers, KILL 'im!"
―The Wreckers rip apart a Decepticon pilot, ALIVE[[Dark of the Moon| [src]]]


Dark of the Moon filmEdit

Voice actor: John DiMaggio (English)

Leadfoot helps the Autobots prepare to leave in the Xantium. He insults the workmen and orders them around. He later rides the launch carriage to the launch site with the other Wreckers.


He later joins the battle in Chicago and tears an unfortunate Decepticon pilot to pieces alive with the other Wreckers. He explains how the Autobots escaped the destruction of the Xantium, stating:"We ain't go'n nowhere!".


Leadfoot's Nascar form

He also gives Brains and Wheelie a lift while they shout: "Autobot Victory, Autobot, Victory!" He and the other Wreckers clear a path for the Autobots, while Wheelie and Brains were on his roof getting hit by the empty cartridges, so they decided to take cover inside him. When they fallout of him, he doesn't realize and leaves them behind. He later helps free Optimus Prime from the cables he got caught in, thanks to Shockwave, so he could engage the Decepticons and Sentinel Prime later. Dark of the Moon His fellow wreckers are Topspin and Roadbuster.

Dark of the Moon comic adaptationEdit

Leadfoot assists the other Wreckers and the humans in preparing the Xantium for launch. Dark of the Moon issue 3

Later in Chicago, the Wreckers and the other Autobots reveal themselves survived the crash. He helps Topspin repair a downed Decepticon ship so Sam can use it to rescue Carly. Dark of the moon issue 4

Age of Extinction filmEdit

"No! I'm an Autobot! An Autobot!"
―Leadfoot tries to get Cemetery Wind to understand.

As the Autobots hide in Monument Valley, Cade projected captured archive footage of Cemetery Wind missions onto a rock face. One such clip included film of Leadfoot trying to surrender to the humans just before getting hit by a shell fired from Lockdown, mortally wounding and killing the Wrecker. When learning of Leadfoot's death, Hound takes off his helmet in respect of his fallen comrade.


  • Leadfoot (Cyberverse Legion, 2011)
This is a Smaller version of Leadfoot. Like Crowbar, one of his hands are moulded to hold a weapon. The Target exclusive version features the Target logo and a gun. The Commercial release though, has more paint application to the face.[1]
  • Leadfoot (Deluxe, 2011)
This figure will complete the Deluxe class trio of the Wreckers from the Dark of the Moon. The figure comes armoured like his buddy, Topspin. It will most likely be a Target exclusive, as it has the Target logo printed on his bonnet.
  • Leadfoot with Sergeant Detour & Steeljaw (Human Alliance, 2011)
One of the more accurate Human Alliance figures, in humanoid mode any way, his NASCAR mode is the standard look, not the weaponized mode. There was quite a confusion with the paint schemes, because the real car's sponsors are Target. So the commercial release will be bare, except for the TUMS sponsor, and the one with the Target logo on will be a Target exclusive.
He comes with his pet, Steeljaw. Steeljaw was originally designed to turn into Leadfoot's engine, but this didn't work because they couldn't give Steeljaw a missile launcher gimmick if he was that small. As such, Steeljaw can also turn into a cannon, that can either be mounted on Leadfoot's shoulder or on his arm. Steeljaw also comes with a leash, Leadfoot can hold the leash so it looks like he's walking him. Because of the leash, an improvised "Flail" form can be made. The leash is very similar to a Lego chain.

He also comes with Sergeant Detour, a standard Human Alliance figure. Unlike Leadfoot, he keeps the Target logo on his chest.[2] As with Roadbuster's driver/partner, the name Sergeant Detour appears to be a placeholder to keep from using the name of the #42 car's driver, Juan Pablo Montoya (who does not appear in the movie).

Notes Edit

  • Leadfoot has a "beard" and a "beer gut", and "sunglasses", making his appearance much like a stereotypical NASCAR fan.
  • He seems to not like being "bossed" around as he like giving the orders instead of taking them.
  • Like the other Wreckers in the comic adaptation of Dark of the Moon, he keeps changing color: from green to blue and to red.
  • The other two wreckers are not seen with him in this movie,they managed to surivive as shown in The Last Knight.
  • His voice actor, John DiMaggio, had to change Leadfoot's voice in AoE as to not confuse the audience with Crosshairs, also voiced by DiMaggio.


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