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Leadfoot is an Autobot from the Generation 2 portion of the Generation One continuity family.

Without this, there could have been no Cars.

Leadfoot is a speed machine who always manages to keep his cool no matter how fast he's going. Despite his function as a "defense specialist", he's most notable for using his incredible speed and sensor-deflecting armor for infiltrating enemy bases, then ripping them apart with his "rotoprop" weapon.

Well, maybe the best defense is a good offense. You know who said that? Mel, the cook on Alice.

European market name: Hotfoot


Marvel Comics continuity

Generation 2

Like the rest of the Rotor Force, Leadfoot was originally one of Megatron's next generation of Decepticons, animated by the stolen power of the Creation Matrix. He first saw combat on Tykos, when the Decepticons raided a rheanimum gas mine. New Dawn

Allying with the Autobots against the Cybertronian Empire swiftly changed Leadfoot. He and Manta Ray first partnered with Tracks to ambush Cybertronian flyers, earning the Autobot's praise. Total War! More critically, Leadfoot saved his friend's life when Razorclaw decided Manta Ray was insufficiently loyal, decapitating the Predacon before he could kill Manta Ray. Leadfoot thought nothing of saving his partner, as Autobots have to stick together. A Rage in Heaven!

Note: In the Generation 2 comic, Decepticon speech bubbles were marked by triangles, while Autobots were marked by rectangles. Leadfoot and Manta Ray began with Decepticon bubbles, but were clearly Autobots in the last issue, once they switched sides.

IDW comics continuity

SpotlightGalvatron Leadfoot

How do you think LEADFOOT feels, jerk?

Leadfoot was one of the Autobots guarding Thunderwing's remains at Thunderhead Pass on Cybertron. While on post, he tried to stop Sideswipe from requesting a transfer to Earth, then went back to duty while Hound sorted Sideswipe out. Unfortunately for Leadfoot, as he was on patrol, a mysterious being arrived to take Thunderwing. Leadfoot was taken by surprise as the powerful transformer grabbed him by the throat, and seconds later he was dead. Sideswipe, who was to relieve Leadfoot as punishment, arrived to find his comrade's lifeless body and swore revenge. Spotlight: Galvatron

On their way to Garrus-9, Hound's team sent telemetry on Leadfoot's death to the Ark 32. After examining the data, Nightbeat observed that it was as though a virus of "unlife" had attacked and destroyed every living cyber-cell in Leadfoot simultaneously in a fraction of a nano-klik. More importantly, Nightbeat found this somewhat familiar. Devastation issue 6


Generation 2

G2Leadfoot toy

It's actually less counterintuitive than it looks.

  • Leadfoot (Rotor Force, 1994)
    • Accessories: 2 rotor discs
Among the first of the totally-new molds designed for Generation 2, Leadfoot transforms into a Lola T93 Indy car — with a giant rotor on top. Hmm. His "Rotor Force" engine block is a manually-wound spinner that launches his flying disc into the air. He graciously came with two in case you lost one. This assembly becomes a hand-held weapon for robot mode.


  • Leadfoot is unique among the Rotor Force in that his alternate mode is not one that would normally have a large rotor or propeller.
  • Leadfoot's IDW face design bears uncanny resemblance to that of Universe series Powerglide
  • He is given a homage in the Power Core Combiners, as Leadfoot, who transforms into a similar race car, but instead of a rotor launcher, he comes with a Mini-Con that converts into a blaster/engine block blaster/armor/robot.

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