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The name or term Laserbeak refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Laserbeak (disambiguation).

A fast flying pirate of the air, the mean menace that is Lazorbeak satiates his thirst for battle by seeking the one good point Maximals have: their melting points! He is aided in this by a powerful laser weapon. Unfortunately, his aggressive usage of this weapon rapidly diminishes his energon levels, usually limiting Lazorbeak to making only brief aerial attacks before converting back to pteranodon mode.

(Note: Lazorbeak's on-package bio has some similarities to Generation One Laserbeak's, leading some to believe he is the same character.)

French name (Canada): Lazair
Italian name: Rapax[1]


IDW Beast Wars comics

Lazorbeak was one of the protoforms on Earth reprogrammed into Predacons by Magmatron. He was sent to search for Razorbeast and his team of Maximals from the air by the recently revived Ravage. When Sky Shadow discovered the Maximals lair, Lazorbeak was among the Predacons who participated in the battle that ensued. After being beaten by the Maximals and their newly arrived reinforcements, Lazorbeak presumably retreated along with the other Predacons.

Weeks later, he joined in on the all-out assault ordered by Ravage on the Maximals' base camp. When the Blendtrons crashed that party, Lazorbeak and the other Predacons teamed up with the Maximals to fight the Angolmois-powered newcomers. With Spittor's help, Lazorbeak managed to get Rartorata to spear his own teammate Drancron with his stinger. Unfortunately, this caused a violent Angolmois explosion that apparently wiped the whole lot of them out, Lazorbeak included.


Beast Wars

  • Lazorbeak (Basic, 1996)
A redeco and very slight retooling (he was given a space for an energon chip) of the original Terrorsaur mold, Lazorbeak transforms from a Pteranodon (referred to as a pterodactyl by the package) to a robot with a spring-loaded one-step transformation. His pistol stores in a small recess behind his robot-mode head.
This mold was also used to make Fractyl, Hydra, and Terranotron.


  1. This name may have only been used on the cross-sell for the English/Spanish/Italian "video-pack" release of Airazor. However, a carded example of trilingual European English/Spanish/Italian Lazorbeak has not been found at this time, so this is uncertain.

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