Last Stand is the fourth installment in the Transformers: Fall of Cybertron comic series.


As he is being gnawed upon by Insecticons, Grimlock realizes there is more at stake than just the matter of the Decepticons' energon supply, and he can't afford to die before he knows what it is. Breaking away from his attackers, he beats down Shockwave and demands he let his team go. Shockwave is no pushover, however, striking back swiftly and effectively at weak points Grimlock didn't even know he had. As Grimlock falls, blinded and crippled, Shockwave tells him that he allowed Swoop to make his emergency transmission because he wanted the Lightning Strike Coalition to come to him. Not only would it help the Decepticon war effort if they weren't around to defend Autobot City during Megatron's final siege, but Shockwave has personal plans for them—especially the iron-willed Grimlock, who will be fashioned into the ultimate weapon for the Decepticon cause!



  • Grimlock's name is spelled "Grimolck" in the text recapping the story so far.
  • Megatron is shown is his Fall of Cybertron body built for him by Soundwave during the events of the game. He should be in his War for Cybertron body as he was not rebuilt yet.
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