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Laserbeak is a Decepticon from Prime continuity family.

If you don't look out, he's gonna poop on you.

Laserbeak is a cassette that Soundwave keeps in his chest that resembles a bird that is used as a scout and spy.


War for Cybertron

Autobot mission 2: Kaon Prision Break

Laserbeak flies into the Kaon Prison after watching the prisoners arrive. He is not always near Soundwave, due to being seen in different locations throughout Kaon. At the end of the level there is a boss battle with Soundwave where he ejects all three of his cassettes. Laserbeak is the third to be ejected. Laserbeak flies around and fires at and dive-bombs the Autobots.


I cannot remain in this unacceptable operational status!

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Fall of Cybertron

Laserbeak serves as Soundwave's assistant in his resurrection of Megatron. He retrieves a Tech Volt repair ray for Soundwave in order for him to re-energize Megatron. Once Megatron is revived, he can try to pet Laserbeak.

During Megatron's mission to the Autobot prison built around Trypticon, Laserbeak remains at Soundwave's side for the majority of the battle. When Megatron joins Soundwave at a captured Autobot command center Laserbeak, following tradition, perches on Megatron's shoulder while he speaks with Soundwave.

As the Ark and Nemesis head towards the space bridge portal at the end of the game, Laserbeak assists Soundwave when he boards the Autobot ship in an attempt to disable the ship's defense cannons. Laserbeak cuts open several doors with his cutting laser as well as assisting Soundwave with destroying several Autobots.

Prime cartoon

Laserbeak appears as a mechanical bird attached to Soundwave's chest. Typically used as a spy, Soundwave can remotely control Laserbeak's movements, such as when Starscream searched the remnants of the Space bridge for Megatron's remains, not realizing his unwanted company.



  • Cybertronian Soundwave (Voyager, 2012)

Available only with his master, Soundwave, Laserbeak transforms into a Data Disc and has a spring-loaded transformation.

This mold was also used for Buzzsaw and Sunder and was extensively retooled as Ratbat


  • He uses two kinds of lasers.
  • On the PS3 and Xbox 360 there is an archievement called 'beak breaker'. You must shoot Laserbeak at three different locations throughout Kaon.
  • Laserbeak's attack pattern is essentially the same as the other Decepticon Seekers with the exception being that he is smaller, making him harder to target, and that his attacks pack a bit more of a punch than regular Seekers.
  • The sounds that Laserbeak makes are that of a Bald Eagle with a small mechanical echo to it.
  • This Laserbeak resembles his G1 counterpart's appearance while he was on Cybertron with the addition of wings.
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