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Laserbeak is a Planet X Decepticon from the Cybertron portion of the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.

Laserbeak is an extension of his partner, Soundwave. He is a drone whose programming is taken from a small portion of Soundwave's personality. The small bird is perfect for infiltration, sporting a stealth mode, smokescreens, cutting lasers, and various retractable tools for manipulating and retrieving objects.

Though Laserbeak's form is that of a drone created by the inhabitants of Planet X and manufactured by the thousands, Soundwave is excessively protective of this specific unit.[1]

Japanese name: Killer Condor


Cybertron cartoon

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Cybertron comic

Laserbeak, who isn't a Mini-Con[2], infiltrated the Iacon Archives to retrieve the Dead Matrix for Soundwave. With the artifact, Soundwave was able to extract Unicron's dark essence from the Unicron Singularity.



  • Soundwave w/ Laserbeak (Voyager class, 2005/2006)
Laserbeak is packaged with his partner Soundwave. His alternate mode is one of Soundwave's bombs, and in this form can be stored in Soundwave's chest compartment, reminiscent of where another Laserbeak spent his nights.
Laserbeak can perch on the tips of Soundwave's wings in his condor form by inserting his peg into one of the trailing edge holes. Since Laserbeak is not designed to be a Mini-con, he does not have a Powerlinx adapter. He also doesn't bear the Mini-Con insignia. Nevertheless, the packaging still calls him one.
This mold was used to make Hell Buzzsaw and Blockrock.


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  2. Soundwave's packaging labels Laserbeak as a Mini-Con. Soundwave's Fun Publications bio states that Laserbeak is mistakenly believed to be a Mini-Con. This is interesting, since the packaging callout and the bio were both written by Hasbro copy-writer Forest Lee.

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