Laserbeak in a Decepticon in the live-action movie continuity family.

Like Ravage and the Insecticons before him, Laserbeak is an example of reengineered Cybertronian wildlife. Laserbeak serves as a scout and spy for the Decepticon cause, recording information for his masters and hunting down human and Cybertronian targets over long distances.


Dark of the Moon film

Laserbeak shows up at Chernobyl when Shockwave and Driller were battling Optimus Prime and Ratchet with NEST soldiers commanded by William Lennox. Laserbeak kills Alexi Voskhod, when he tried driving away in his white limo.

He blackmailed Jerry Wang his life for information from Sam Witwicky, which made Jerry act extremely bizarre in front of Sam. Despite doing what Laserbeak ordered him to do, the sadistic Decepticon killed him for fun by swinging him out the window, sending him falling out of the skyscraper Sam was working in. Laserbeak then chased Sam, but he managed to escape.

Laserbeak later showed up at Africa with Soundwave where Starscream, Megatron, and Igor were all in a secret base. He was ordered to kill all of the human collaborators of the Decepticons. During one of his attacks, he shapeshifted into a pink small version of Bumblebee, an even more advanced skill than scanning a vehicle to transform into. He then met a little girl, who presumably mistakes him as the friendly robot. When her parents came in, Laserbeak transformed into his normal self and presumably killed the entire family.

When Sam was given a gun by Robert Epps to threaten the evil human Dylan Gould, who was supporting the Decepticons, Laserbeak transformed out of his television mode and grabbed Sam with his talons and threw him out of the window, but Sam was saved by Bumblebee. Laserbeak struggled with Sam on top of Bumblebee's fighter after Carly Brooks-Spencer escapes. Sam manages to hold Laserbeak's head in front of one of the fighter's guns and has Bumblebee fire, decapitating and killing Laserbeak. Dark of the Moon


  • Unlike his counter parts who makes bird sounds and was less anthropomorphic. from other continuities, he talks English. He also seems to be more based off a dragon then a condor.
  • The little girl that Laserbeak met probably did not actually know who the actual Bumblebee was because the real Bumblebee is yellow and is too big to sit on a chair.
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